Chichora Rahul Mahajan married Dimpy Ganguly

March 6th, 2010

God bless Dimpy! Rahul Mahajan (34) married one of the most eligible contender Dimpy Ganguly on the show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. Eligible, because Dimpy suited Rahul Mahajan very well. Both are best in their chichora cheap stunts. Dimpy was looking gorgeous in red Bengali saree. Rahul was as usual looking an idiot. He is a walking-talking idiot! Rahul’s mother and Dimpy’s mother both looked least interested in the proceedings.

Rahul’s only Sister Poonam Mahajan and other family members were not present at the wedding. May be they all did not wanted to be part of this Nautanki.

The Bengali-style wedding was held in a luxurious Mumbai suburban Hotel Leela Kempinski on Saturday night and the couple wore outfits designed by famous fashion designers Neeta Lulla.

Rahul Mahajan chose 21-year-old Dimpy, a model and dancer, over Nikunj Malik, 25, and Harpreet Chhabra, 20. Dimpy also participated in Gladrags Mega Model Hunt 2009. Though she did not win the crown, she was chosen as “Miss Potential” by the judges.

Rahul decided to go ahead with his wedding despite the recent death of his uncle Praveen Mahajan, who was convicted for killing his politician father Pramod Mahajan in 2006.

Bengali girls are doing wonders on reality shows, first it was Rumpa Roy who got married on Perfect Bride and now it’s Dimpy  Ganguly.

Good going Bengal! Kis chakki ka atta khilate hai yeh Bengali apni ladkiyon ko.

Thanks that finally this cheap show ended, where all these girls where just indulge in all sorts of cheap activities to win the heart of wife beater, divorced and druggist Rahul Mahajan. Don’t know how and who thinks he was a eligible bachelor.

News is that he is yet not over his ex wife, he had got in touch with his former wife Shweta Singh and even offered to remarry her for TRPs. Rahul Mahajan also offered a huge amount to her to make an appearance on his show. This was obviously turned down by Shweta, as she is from a reputed family.

During this show, each and every episode looked so faked and scripted. Rahul looked over done with his make-up, especially with his lipsticks. It was so yuck watching all these well educated and well established girls dancing like item girls in front of dripping Rahul.

Rahul has planned to go to the Maldives and Ireland for his honeymoon, if a court which is holding his passport allows him to do so. He is facing charges of using banned drugs.

Rahul Mahajan weds Dimpy Ganguly

Swayamvar season 3, who?

1. Rahul Gandhi

2. Yuvraj Singh

3. Monica Bedi

4. Sambhavna Seth

5. Payal Rohatgi

6. Salman khan

7. Zulfikar Syed

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  1. […] Update : 6th March, 2010 Rahul Mahajan married Dimpy Ganguly on Reality Show Swamyamvar 2 “Rahul Dulhaniya le jayega&#8… […]

  2. Really, how can any girl with brains get married to Rahul? i think priyadarshani was the best for Rahul, but his bad luck he lost her. He is such an asshole and irritating, chichora is not the word for him, i mean not enough to descirbe him. soon w’ll see Dimpy crying in media for help, when Rahul will want another Swayamvar and want to get rid of Dimpy….:)


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