Bigg Boss 2 winner Ashutosh Kaushik

November 23rd, 2008

The fight for winner of Bigg Boss 2 and prize money of 1crore was between Zulfi Syed, Raja Chaudhary and Ashutosh Kaushik after Rahul Mahajan opted for a voluntary exit from the Bigg Boss house 2 in final week. He refused to make an apology for an incident that occurred on Saturday when he broke out of the house with other three remaining housemates.

Ashutosh Kaushik aka “Lathmaar” is declared the winner of second season of Bigg Boss. He was looking very patient, relaxed and dashing on final night. Though he had often been called as small town unhygienic boy by all of his co-contestants but he emerged as a winner among all the other so called hygienic, sophisticated and high standard celebrities or failures and good for nothing housemates.

“Bade Dilwala” title went to Rahul Mahajan, a car as a prize. Still not able to understand on what basis he was declared the “Bade Dilwala”. Shilpa should have explained it to us? How can a male chauvinist, laundiya baaz and very very shrewd person be Dilwala. We all saw how he used Monica for the footage and for his own good (personal bai) and how he lost his temper when he was asked to apologize for the run away, as he was the main plotter of it. He sounded very cheap and showed his true color when he said

mere ko ek rupay ki padi nahi hai, meri ab tek ki jetani payment hai wo de deve, aur gaye bhad mein

Finale night was fantastic with all the evicted celebrities performing, best was Sambhavna Seth and Ravi Kissan. Rakhi Sawant was also good but  she made fool of herself by wearing thong on top of her trouser. Akshay Kumar was looking tired, pale and least interested in the proceedings, and looked like he was just there to promote his upcoming animated movie JUMBO. Shilpa Shetty was as usual looking gorgeous. Best part was when she asked Rahul to say something or to give a name to the relationship and love and promises that he made to Monica Bedi during their stay in the house, which we all witnessed. But cunning Rahul Mahajan questioned back to Shilpa asking which relationship is she talking about? At that moment we all saw Monica standing with her head down basically hiding her face for making fool of herself on national TV with giving her consent of getting married to Rahul Mahajan during her stay in the house.

Well as it is said “All’s well that ends well”, so I am happy that my favourite and the deserving man has won. He honestly entertained us with his morning antics, on the spot one liners, sholay ka thakur or be it school ka principal. He was unbelievably hilarious. Hope to see him shine bright!

The only complaint I have is that Bigg Boss should have arranged Pooja Bedi’s Aakhri Salaam with Rahul Mahajan and three finalists. I bet Pooja Bedi must have also loved grilling the most arrogant and failure (wife beater and no relationships) men’s of the house i.e. Rahul Mahajan and Raja Chaudhary.

Now the wait is for Bigg Boss 3 and its controversial contestants.

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  1. […] Ashutosh Kaushik winner of Bigg Boss 2 is all set to play the sequel of it, he’ll be joining the celebrity Big Brother in UK on December 25. After Shilpa Shetty’s success our lathmaar from Saharanpur who is riding high on his lucky horse is out to try his luck for third time, this time in international market. Let’s see if he makes a hat-trick? This will be his third reality show after Bigg Boss and MTV Roadies, both of which he won. […]


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