Monica "Bai" Ya Bedi

November 11th, 2008

For the sake of “GOD” and for the sake of the “HAAVEN” (raja style) please kick Monica “bai” out this Friday. Please vote that unpaid, personal bai of Rahul Mahajan out of the house. She did a big mistake by entering the house second time, all her image of Abla Naari and bholibhali is ruin. I personally had some sympathies for her but now I think you cannot help a person who is stupid, dumb, no self respect and with no brains at all. Actually I want to call her with much more bold words but then I don’t want to sound like Sambhavna. But I love Sam, I can easily relate to her, she is bold, brainy and emotional. She is the type who some men’s like Raja cannot handle and feel threaten by. Men’s like Raja want girls like Monica whom they can treat like doormats. And I think girls like Monica also like man who can rule them and treat them like a piece of shit in return of little money and status, no wonder she was with Abu Salem for so long.

Anybody in place of Monica who has gone through hell recently will never trust anybody so easily and will concentrate on her career first. But here we have Miss Monica Bedi who is head over heels for girlish Rahul Mahajan. Rahul Mahajan is playing her like a puppet that to without any hard pains, all he has to say is “Monu” and monu is there. She is seen doing ironing, washing his clothes, filling his water bottles, making his bed at night, even keeping his toiletries in the bath before he goes in. And what she gets in return –

tu dumb hai, tu lively nahi hai, tu smart nahi hai re” but “chalega aapne ko dimaag se kya karna hai

If I am not wrong she was in there to change her public image, to show people that she is very naïve, but all we got to know is that she deserves what she got into earlier. She should have learned something from her house friend Rakhi, the way Rakhi is back to work after her divorce is appreciated. She is trying hard to get work and not man, at-least not on national TV.

What irritates me most is how can “Any” girl on this earth can fall for Rahul Mahajan. And here we have not one but two fools trying hard to get him – Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi. Monica had not only disrespected herself but have also degraded entire Naari Samaj.

Can somebody please explain her love is not about being treated like a maid. My advice to Monica – standup for yourself, believe in you and people will respect, love, like and give work to you. It’s better to be alone then being treated like a doormat. And if you think I am wrong Ask Rahul’s ex-wife Shewta! Or go and watch movie “Fashion”.

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  1. finally! the Bai is out and did u see the attitude she gave on Akhaari Salaam, she was very rude. and same time she was very protective about Rahul. she is a big fool, its shame that in this cnetury we still have girls like Monica who fulfill the hunger and attitude of mans like Rahul and Raja.
    MOnica grow up and do’t fall these double standard man!

  2. […] very shrewd person be Dilwala. We all saw how he used Monica for the footage and for his own good (personal bai) and how he lost his temper when he was asked to apologize for the run away, as he was the main […]


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