Lux Cozi not with KKR

February 23rd, 2010

Now, we don’t know the real story but its official that Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders has drop the idea to appoint the Lux cozi as the official apparel franchisee of the team. It is said that a letter to Shah Rukh Khan is the reason behind it.

Possibly SRK did not want to get into another controversy after all that MNIK did to him, so he calmly decided to backout from the Lux Cozi underwear.

All we have to say is, Yeh to bada toing hai….!

Here’s the letter:

Dear Shah Rukh,

We are Kolkata-based supporters of Kolkata Knight Riders and have read in the newspapers of the decision of the Kolkata Knight Riders management to appoint LUX (hosiery and innerwear brand) as the official apparel franchisee of the KKR team.
This has been deeply disappointing for thousands of Kolkatans who have lost respect for you on this count for the following reasons:
1. the promoters of the LUX company were charged with abetting the suicide of Rizwan; the case is pending before the courts of law. Some family members were jailed, then released on bail. They have yet to be proved innocent.

2. the decision of the KKR management to associate with LUX is being interpreted as a means of handing over respectability to the accused members of the Todi family in exchange for cash that benefits only KKR.

3. it is one thing for you to endorse the LUX brand in your personal capacity; when you get the LUX brand to associate with a cricket team that draws its popular support from the broad population, then the sentiment of that broad population must be kept in mind.

4. in today’s governance-respecting world, would any self-respecting organisation associate with alleged murderers and then seek public support for their organisation?

For years, your brand stood for the following positive attributes: meritocracy, fairness, hard work and patriotism. We now see a dilution by your team’s association with individuals viewed as morally suspect (until they are proved innocent).

Please reconsider this decision. There is still time.

Lux Cozi’s banned Ads

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