Pooja Bedi in thong

February 6th, 2010

Saw this in Mid day and was “not” shocked to know that the lady revealing undergarment, her black thong is Pooja Bedi. Don’t believe me! Click the photo to see her face. She has earlier admit during rapid fire with Melissa D’Costa of Mid-Day that she prefers G-Strings & Thongs to Briefs.

Call it Wardrobe malfunction, Victim of Flash Photography or whatever!!  But I must agree that she is looking great and appreciate her for not wearing granny panties like Sonali KulKarni. We agree that black dress reveals bit too much of your inner wears under flashing cameras, but at least you should be wearing something nice and trendy to keep up with your celebrity image.

Thumps up for Pooja Bedi!

Rapid-fire fitness with Pooja Bedi

3 reasons chocolate is better than men?

It’s not! And whoever says that has not yet met a yummy man!

You know it’s time to go on a diet when…
You have to shop for a larger size.

What’s your quick-fix solution for a bad hair day?
Hair extensions.

An instant tummy-tuck trick…
There is none. You just have to exercise.

Boxers or briefs?
G-strings and thongs.

Biggest turn off… Man boobs or hairy backs?
Both. There’s no excuse for a man to have either.

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  1. Black is some times dangerous! i think celebrities should aviod wearing black when they are facing cameras.

  2. It is nice and trendy, but it’s really not looking good. should not flash ur inner wears.

  3. Hey ram ye kya hai .


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