Guess the brand of Sonali Kulkarni’s Chaddi?

November 8th, 2007


Me too, when I saw this photograph. I couldn’t believe Sonali Kulkarni could wear something like this on the premiere of Saawariya. Come on yaar, its bloody complete see-through. What the hell was she thinking when she choose to wear that dress. Wait a minute may be she wanted to steal the limelight from Ranbir and Sonam kapoor.

Yeah one more thing, can somebody please tell me the brand of undie she is wearing? I could only read “Land” which is second half of the complete word. Can somebody give me the first half of the word?

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  1. I got the first half of the brand, it is “No Man’s”.

    “No Man’s Land”

  2. Jokes Apart,
    The underwear is so big. It looks like a man’s underwear.

  3. It is my chaddi. She is wearing my VIP Frenchie.

  4. Jungle Jungle Pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai.

    India India Pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke sonali khili hai.

    Ek Parinda tha Sharminda, Ek Sonali thi sharminda.

  5. the panties seem to be of brand : rowland

  6. Kuch bhi saali badi sxy lag rahi hai

  7. Does she want to become SUPERWOMAN?

    I would have loved to see Thong instead of Granny Panties.

    Anyways, It was still a great idea and one more thing you need guts to do it in Bollywood.

    Sonali Kulkarni – The SuperWoman.

  8. Is she trying to replace Koena Mitra who is playing the role of a superwoman in the film called Karn ?

  9. […] Sonali and Toby gave a shit performance for the number Mungda. They killed the song by doing meaningless and slow moves. But still they got 28 points from judges. May be because Sonali had expressed her anger towards judges. And this time marathi Urmila supported marathi Sonali by giving her 10 points. Not fair! […]

  10. she stolen my underware. its jockey bikini cut.

  11. Whatever anyone says, I believe that these hipster style panties are the best. Full coverage in the front and back gives you lovely lines to look at…
    Thongs etc.. are just so pathetic…

  12. Bloody Ghati women

  13. Hi Sonali,
    You are one of my favourite actress. I have always loved watching your films which carry strong message and are either with time or ahead of the time.
    Would like to meet you personally some day.
    Iam sure you will provide me an opportunity as a FAN of yours

  14. kaiki chaddi kuch bhi nai hai

  15. ye to kali kali jhante hi hai yaaro or jh……ka koi brand nahi hota hai. bus ye thodi stylish shape kari hui hai. any body agree with me?

  16. Saaalon bekaar mein itna halla machaya hua tum sab ne
    zara si chaddi ki jhalak kya dikhaai de rahi is sonali ki dress mein to bawaal macha diya
    saalon har bollywood actress ne har brand ki bra aur chaddi mein photoshoot karwaya hua hai
    google pe search maar ke dekh lo kaun si chammiya kaun si kacchi pehenti hai sab pata chal jaayega tharkiyon LOL 🙂

  17. It’s “garland”.. a little editing will show you that.. Happy shopping.:)

  18. […] But I must agree that she is looking great and appreciate her for not wearing granny panties like Sonali KulKarni. We agree that black dress reveals bit too much of your inner wears under flashing cameras, but at […]

  19. sonali as an ardent fan i would like to see you in your up-coming movie in a bikini

  20. sonali means chaddi heroin…..

  21. kya mast hai


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