Husband Robert and Son Arthur are waiting for Geetanjali Nagpal

September 7th, 2007


On 4th of September, I posted an article on former model Gitanjali Nagpal whose news were flashing on most of the leading Indian News Channels. At the time of posting, I never thought that her husband would contact me for help to get in touch with Gitanjali. But this morning, I was shocked to see the email of Robert Stuempfl who claimed to be the husband of Gitanjali Nagpal. Ofcourse it was very difficult for me to believe, so I asked him to show me some proof of being Gitanjali’s German husband. Trust me when he sent me the photos of him and his son, I was stunned to see that the little boy in picture has got the looks of his mother (Gitanjali). Robert also emailed me their (Geetanjali and Robert) marriage certificate and the birth certificate of their son – Arthur (he was born in Nepal at OM hospital).

Robert is desperate to get her wife back and help her. I am very sure once cured Gitanjali would definitely want to see her son and would like to live a happy life with her husband and son (so cute).


Anybody who have the latest information on Gitanjali Nagpal can contact us on , so that we all can help her husband. I will be very happy to play a little role in reuniting husband Robert and son Arthur with Gijanjali Nagpal.

Robert’s Email:

Hello Sheetal,
this is great news from you and i send you all you need to know that i am the husband of geetanjali.
i try many times true her family but the have never a good relation with gitanjali and me, i think because she married me a german fellow. anyway we have 1 son arthur his name and he is with me since he was 6 month, she liked to be free and we had a lot of troubles between eachother. but she is the mom of arthur and he needs his real mom and whatever happend i dont care really about it, then live goes on we all have to learn. and everyone is changing in time to a better, as well she will i am shure of it then she is a very good person. just a little crazy in times. anyhow i really need help from somebody who is there in india and maybe you are the right one to make things happend, so god will. I send you the marrige certification and the birthcertification of arthur our son. maybe i still have some picture of ours in early days i will attach everything and send to you.
god bless you and i hope for the best
best regards
robert and arthur stuempfl

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  1. I would really love a story on her entire life and what happened to her career. I checked wikipedia and googles it but only found bits and pieces. Could you please post one up

  2. “because she(geethanjali nagpaul)don’t want to give a place to God in her heart, God gave her over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.” she is a model to all the people who reject God.
    dear robert and arthur, we r praying for you, hope God will bring her back.

  3. great job sheetal ! hatsoff to you !!!!!!!!!

  4. My name is Stümpfl Verena and I will find my halfbrother Robert Stümpfl, we have the same father!! Please connect to me!!!!! Please!! I to born in Germany, Deggendorf an I 24 Years old! Please connect to me!! Please! Thank you!!! Stümpfl Verena


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