Husband Robert and Son Arthur are waiting for Geetanjali Nagpal

September 7th, 2007


On 4th of September, I posted an article on former model Gitanjali Nagpal whose news were flashing on most of the leading Indian News Channels. At the time of posting, I never thought that her husband would contact me for help to get in touch with Gitanjali. But this morning, I was shocked to see the email of Robert Stuempfl who claimed to be the husband of Gitanjali Nagpal. Ofcourse it was very difficult for me to believe, so I asked him to show me some proof of being Gitanjali’s German husband. Trust me when he sent me the photos of him and his son, I was stunned to see that the little boy in picture has got the looks of his mother (Gitanjali). Robert also emailed me their (Geetanjali and Robert) marriage certificate and the birth certificate of their son – Arthur (he was born in Nepal at OM hospital).

Robert is desperate to get her wife back and help her. I am very sure once cured Gitanjali would definitely want to see her son and would like to live a happy life with her husband and son (so cute).


Anybody who have the latest information on Gitanjali Nagpal can contact us on , so that we all can help her husband. I will be very happy to play a little role in reuniting husband Robert and son Arthur with Gijanjali Nagpal.

Robert’s Email:

Hello Sheetal,
this is great news from you and i send you all you need to know that i am the husband of geetanjali.
i try many times true her family but the have never a good relation with gitanjali and me, i think because she married me a german fellow. anyway we have 1 son arthur his name and he is with me since he was 6 month, she liked to be free and we had a lot of troubles between eachother. but she is the mom of arthur and he needs his real mom and whatever happend i dont care really about it, then live goes on we all have to learn. and everyone is changing in time to a better, as well she will i am shure of it then she is a very good person. just a little crazy in times. anyhow i really need help from somebody who is there in india and maybe you are the right one to make things happend, so god will. I send you the marrige certification and the birthcertification of arthur our son. maybe i still have some picture of ours in early days i will attach everything and send to you.
god bless you and i hope for the best
best regards
robert and arthur stuempfl

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  1. […] it have chocolate milk inside?” Gitanjali licked the wrappers clean. Update : 07-09-2007 Gitanjali’s husband Robert and Son Arthur wants her back Sphere: Related Content var addthis_pub = ‘sheetudeep’; Posted in General, Lifestyle […]

  2. I would love to see the reunion of Robert and Arthur with Geetanjali. These news channel will definitely telecast the reunion as well, they just need Masala. But sometime they are really very helpful and I appreciate that.

  3. I want to see Geetanjali achieve her lost stardom and her family. I would love to see Geetanjali getting united with her husband ,Robert and son, Arthur.May God quickly unite them together.
    One of her well wisher,

  4. well done my aunty! proud of u.. keep it up! x x x

  5. Great work Sheetal. I hope you succeed in bringing Geetanjali’s family together

  6. Gitanjali is getting treatment at VIMHANS-Vidya Sagar Inst. of Mental Health & Neurosciences,New Delhi for mental disorder. She is not durg addict but lost her memory. Doctors say, showing photos of her husband and son will have bad effect on her at this stage. However she is getting best treatment and hopefully be cured very soon

  7. Gitanjali is in the custody of a NGO The American India Foundation (AIF)under court order. AIF has arranged her treatment at VIMHANS hospital. Anybody can donate for her treatment by visiting the following link of AIH. This is required as her family has disowned her responsibility.

  8. Well done,Mam. gr8 job,thank God someone is here to help the poor girl,i wish she will be soon in caring hand,else indian will put her in hosppital forever.


  9. Sheetal My name is Siddarth. I work with Star News the channel which actually took an initiative to get Gitanjali admitted to the hospital. I would be greatful to you if can mail me your contact number to get some more information about Robert. We hope that things between them will get better and god knows thay can be together once again. We need your help to help her. So kindly contact me.

  10. great sheetal… it will be a celebration if they see the happy days again. god bless arthur.. am with u. always there to help..

  11. I hope that Gitanjali gets cured and join the mainstream
    once again.Let her life not go the parveen Babi way,who
    was once used by many in the film industry and then dumped
    when she fell ill.It is when, one is down and out
    that he or she needs someone for moral support.I sincerely
    hope that the entertainment industry will do something
    atleast this time to help Gitanjali recover.

  12. Actually googled to check this blog out. Truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?

  13. i agree! yes it is.

  14. This is so sad…I sincerely hope that everything works out for Gitanjali and that she gets all the help that she needs.

  15. Thanks to all the readers and all the people who have left comments and have shown concern for Geetanjali.

  16. I am glad to see from news channels that offers of help
    are pouring in from a section of the modelling world.I
    hope that Sandali Sinha does her bit in helping Gitanjali,
    after all they stayed together for 3 years.Though she has
    moved ahead in life,this is the time for Sandali to show
    that she cares for her old friend.It was sad reading,
    they lost touch when Sandali moved into a bigger apartment.

  17. Robert, it’s good to see that there are still some good people like you on this earth. Four years is a long time to be away but I am glad that you still want her to be well and happy again. I am a father to one year boy and I can understand your and Arthur feelings. I live very near to the hospital where Gitanjali is now a days, I don’t know how can I help, but if you need any help, please do let me know. I will be very happy to be of any help that I can.

    Sheetal You are an amazing person, It is said that all of us are created for some reson, may be you were created to unite Robert, Arthur and Gitanjali.

  18. Hi Sheetal, very very good job done. You are acting as a good falicitator to bridge the gap between Geetanjali and her husband and their son. Would be very great ful if you can mail me your contact mail id and number so that I can get some more info about Robert. Looking forward to the reunion of the family members soon.Kindly contact me…


  19. Gita was living in Goa on the beach till late February. She would bum 50 rupees from friends of mine and come sit in their shop for hours-borrow a mirror and look at herself and make strange faces and expressions. The girl is definitely not on drugs-just pschotic or schizophrenic(maybe from a bad trip??). Nice girl-looked like came from middle class background-we felt sorry for her. Slept on the beach or somebodies verandah. Needs love and care-hope immediate family understands and helps.

  20. Glad to read your blog on subject and the way you bridged the gap. Thanks for keeping updating.

    Best Wishes and Keep the good work up.

  21. To everyone, who knows Gitanjli’s story, especially the media, please! Please! don’t make any comment until the truth is revealed about her. Its only she who knows what circumstances led to her in the present situation.

    One thing is sure that she is not such a kind of girl to suffer from! If she had done something wrong, what’s in that? Everyone does mistakes; does everyone get such a punishment? My request to all of you is that PLEASE try to understand her. SHE NEEDS LOVE, REALLY I MEAN IT! If any member or relative of Gitanjali is reading this post ESPECIALLY her husband Mr. Robert, I beg you to please accept her and love her. Mr. Robert you can contact me in this regard, I really want to talk to you. I live in Norway (Sheetal, I authorise you to give my email address to Mr. Robert or to Gitanjali’s mother or sister or brother).

    Time never remains same for everyone, now its bad time for her and soon good days will be back to her. Actually I must say, this is the start of good time for her as we all from different parts of the world are really concerned about her. It’s not easy for such a helpless girl to fight alone with her bad times! We all must do what one can do. If someone believes in God, it’s a right time to appease him (God) by helping Gitanjali!

    Pradeep Sharma (Norway)

  22. hello to everyone,

    thank you so much for the help and guidence. many people ask me to give one email a/c, so i give one here to write, i will write back to put maybe some of the question out of your mind, but please respect as well our privacy and special the one of GITANJALI. I do my best i can to help Gitanjali the way you can if you are 10000km apart. myself keep quite now to media and the press, till Gitanjali is willing to make a statement on her self, i found her that is what matterd to me and not all the publicity.
    thank you so much for you hav done till no and god bless india.
    love, light and freedom


    you can write to

  23. Hi Robert,

    Never have i heard of such a loving husband,not even in stories or fairy tales ! You are an amazing human being.
    Lucky is Arthur to have you as his dad. Hope he gets back his mom too. God is with you and of course our prayers too! Wishing Gitu a speedy recovery and hoping to see you and arthur joining her back to start a life afresh.

  24. I will to god for Gintajali and robert and his son. That there hurdles of life will come to an end and they should leave a happy and peacful life.

    Thanks & Regards

  25. here is a new news story from gitanjali with some picture from the past she was an angel for me. love light and freedom…,voteid-2361148.cms

  26. Sheetal,
    Thats great and I appreciate it. Keep it up.

  27. Hi sheetal, is there any news as to how is gitanjali doing? Did robert managed to get the tickets for India?

  28. Robert,

    Did you get ticket to come India and meet Gitanjali?

  29. Sheetal,
    I dont see any update about Gitanjali and robert. Is there nothing happening ? How is Gitanjali ? Can you post her latest picture.

  30. Sheetal,
    I dont see any update about Gitanjali and robert. How is Gitanjali ? Can you post her latest picture.

  31. Sheetal even I have same desire to see the latest pic and info of are they

  32. reason is always clear.somebody is bigger but not get anthing from life everything is planned for them.need word is always used for ugly and insane peaple.

  33. Hello to everyone,
    about Geetanjali’s condition who is currently admitted in VIMHANS Hospital, New Delhi, for the last one month. Her condition has now considerably improved and is in a cheerful mood, good health and high spirits. The Delhi Commission for Women is constantly taking care about her well being.
    About she like to join us in Germany, i have no news on this but i hope everything will be good in time.
    Love, Light and Freedom
    Robert & Arthur

  34. Dear Sheetal,
    may god bless u for whatever u r doing. U r a very good human being indeed. and hats of to you Robert for being a such a nice husband. gitanjali actually is very lucky to have u by her side during these tough days.

    All i wish is that her family should also support her during this time. She needs them to get a fast recovery. She is really lucky to get all this support, their are so many girls who don’t find such a luck and got lost forever in this world.

    May God bless u sheetal. A gud and nobel job done.

  35. great job dude.. carry on..

  36. I dont see any update on this any more. I appreciate if the latest update can be shared with the public.

  37. Hi,

    Recently read article about Gitanjali in Times of India, with her photos. Really glad to see her jest for life. Her enthusiasm was evident in her smile and eyes. I hope all her dreams and hopes come true.

    Robert, did you meet Gitanjali? I read that she was reluctant to stay with you. But I am sure one day she will realize your love and come back to you. Please dont lose hope and faith in yourself. May God be with you and give you strength.

  38. U r right Smitha! she don’t want to go back to her husband and son, may be she is lovin the attention which she getting from media. And her mother has also joined her bacuse she also knows that geetanjali can make money now.

    Poor Robert who didnot get married again and is taking care of his son must be heartborken to know that Geets don’t want him. I hope Geets regret oneday. Money cannot buy happiness, family and love. This limelight is very short lived…..dear Geets!!!

  39. To everyone here we like to say thank you so much for all the help.
    but i am very tired now and i will give up on waiting for this women who has only fashion and fame in the mind. Her own son had birthday on the of Nov. and there was nothing like a mother missing or longing for her child, not a call or her own mother saying to gitanjali to call. what kind of family is that. i never know such things happen in indian way of life. it is really sad but that is the truth and i hope one fine day she will see what she was missing the most in her pitty live.
    i wish you all the money and the fame but love you can´t buy with that and it will fade away ….fast.
    lot´s of love to all of you and god bless you. i will quit now and go on with our life….bye
    arthur and robert from germany

  40. I wish they all will meet as soon as possible. I will try to help them as I can.

  41. Good Work!!!

  42. As published in Times of India on 24th Apr, 2008 –
    HISAR: It may be time for Gitanjali Nagpal, who was found living off the streets in Hauz Khas village last September, to head home. For the past six months, Gitanjali has been at Vidya Devi Jindal School (VDJS) located in Hisar. On Thursday, Gitanjali returns to the Capital for a court hearing and is likely to return to life with her family.

    Her dream of making it big in the fashion world had turned bitter for Gitanjali, who was finally reduced to living on the streets. Her family had earlier refused to accept her. The court, Delhi Commission for Women and Vimhans looked after her after her plight became known to the world.

    However, Gitanjali has lived with her mother, Santosh Nagpal, in Hisar, following the court order in October last year. She was sent to Hisar for three months initially but her stay continued. Doctors and authorities at VDJS believe that Gitanjali can now look after herself now but only lacks initiative.

    “Her mother’s sister has been also been living with her all this while,” said Col A K Suri, administrator of the school that had offered to keep Gitanjali and her mother on the campus, sheltered from prying eyes in Delhi. When she turned 34 on January 24, the school celebrated her birthday in a grand manner.

    Although curt at times, students and staff say she has always been nice to them. She goes for a walk every evening in her sports shoes. During winters, she shopped for her mother and prepared her soup. “She generally wears salwar kameez now,” said Dr Prabha Aggarwal, resident medical officer at VDJS.

  43. Hey Sheetal,

    Good news is that Gitanjali is back to normal now and as per the interview given by her to Times of India yesterday she wants to be back with her son. I am attaching the article below as given by TOI today morning. I will be very happy if you could kindly make sure that this news reaches Robert. I will be very happy if you could make all three of them meet.

    Ashirbad Raha | TNN

    New Delhi: Life slowly returns to normalcy for Gitanjali Nagpal. The ex-model who was found living on the streets in Hauz Khas village last September will now go back to live with her mother in Lajpat Nagar after her seven-month stay at Vidya Devi Jindal School in Hisar. The most important thing for her now is to see her six-year-old son, who lives with her husband in Germany.
    On Friday, a city court decided to send Gitanjali back to her family in Lajpat Nagar. Gitanjali looked composed as she appeared in court and when asked by the metropolitan magistrate, Ravinder Bedi if she wanted to go back to her family, she quietly nodded her assent.
    She may not walk the ramp again but Gitanjali says she would still like to contribute to the fashion industry. ‘‘I still have not decided on my future career but I still love fashion. Right now, I want to be reunited with my son and my husband,’’ said an emotional Gitanjali.
    Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) took charge of Gitanjali’s case in September 2007 and has been instrumental in helping her return to a normal life. ‘‘Initially, Gitanjali was very violent and in need of serious medical attention. We did our best to help her. Convincing her family to take her back was also a challenge but I am happy that things have improved. Going back to her family will be a new beginning,’’ said Barkha Singh, chairperson, DCW.
    Gitanjali will go back to Hisar for a week before going to live with her mother. Much loved by everyone in the school, Gitanjali will be given a farewell. ‘‘This is a residential school and we fell in love with Gitanjali from day one. In the last seven months, her control over her motor skills has shown phenomenal improvement. Her clarity of thought and self-esteem has also become much better. She needs some care but she is fit enough to lead a family life,’’ says Gunmeet Bindra, principal of the Vidya Devi Jindal School.
    Gitanjali worked as a model in Mumbai before getting married in 2001 to Robert Stuempfl, a German computer technician. Two years later, she gave birth to a son, Arthur. The last time she saw Arthur, he was eleven-months-old. ‘‘My baby went with my husband to Thailand but I could not go because my passport had expired. Now I miss my child desperately. I dream of him so much,’’ says Gitanjali.

  44. Hello anybody has news about geetu or any new picture so we can see how she does?

  45. one year back around 9th october 2007 I was with Gitanjali, same hospital vimhans, I was admited in a room next to her room at that time I was suffering with schizophrenia saw her two three times, she use to enjoy walking during evening, I would like to know what was her phycological problem for which she was treated in vimhans, is she now united with her child and husband.

  46. I saw her today in centre market, lajpat nagar 2..she was wearing a redish salwar kameez and I kept staring at her because I knew it was her, but then she walked by me really fast and then I lost her.
    She looked confident and absolutely normal, very happy for her.

  47. hi Sheetal, Robert and et al,
    I was saddened to learn of the whole Gitanjali episode. I was pleased to learn that she is doing okay now, hope that she gets back with arthur, after all, every mom needs to hold their baby at least once a day – sorry if that sounds a bit corny, LOL. Yeah, I am a momma’s boy but hey this reply is not about me. Anyway, Robert, I hope that you would be patient with Gitanjali, you need to understand that when a person undergoes through the sort of trauma that gitanjali has been through, it may take time for her to sort out through it all. Yeah, you may not be a ‘fav’ with her family but who cares? You care about gitanjali and I am sure that arthur loves his mum as well, there ends the matter. Try coming down to India, talk with the authorities, find out if you can talk to Gitanjali and sort out where arthur fits in all this. Anyway, the best of luck to you all and I do honestly hope that the three of you get back together again.

  48. Robert lass etwas von dir hören. Ich weiß nicht wie ich dich finden soll.
    Langbuergenerstr.7c, 81549 MUC
    Dein Bruder Christian.
    Bye bye

  49. Hi, I am curious to know any update on this situation? any news if Gita was united with her son?

  50. what happened finally did they get united..

  51. I would really love a story on her entire life and what happened to her career. I checked wikipedia and googles it but only found bits and pieces. Could you please post one up

  52. “because she(geethanjali nagpaul)don’t want to give a place to God in her heart, God gave her over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.” she is a model to all the people who reject God.
    dear robert and arthur, we r praying for you, hope God will bring her back.

  53. great job sheetal ! hatsoff to you !!!!!!!!!

  54. My name is Stümpfl Verena and I will find my halfbrother Robert Stümpfl, we have the same father!! Please connect to me!!!!! Please!! I to born in Germany, Deggendorf an I 24 Years old! Please connect to me!! Please! Thank you!!! Stümpfl Verena


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