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September 4th, 2007

Yesterday I wrote about Amy Winehouse how she was suffering from drugs overdose and not taking care of her career. Little did I know that our former model Gitanjali Nagpal was also on the same track and is now suffering the consequences. It’s very sad to see such talented, educated and from a good family background girl to beg on the streets of Delhi. And all the credit goes to the hip lifestyle of fashion world and filmi duniya, also it depends on the individual how they make their decisions and what path they chooses.

She gave up her career as a designer for modelling and studied fashion design at the South Delhi Polytechnic. She also got a couple of prestigious assignments, including Lakme. It’s a horrifying story of the dark side of glamour how one false move can send a promising career to a downward spiral of drugs and self-destruction. I hope she gets some much needed alcohol drug rehab.

Gitanjali Nagpal the 90’s model, daughter of Navy officer who went to Lady Shri Ram College is now spending her nights in parks and temples and working as a maid or some time spent her nights with men for money to quell her craving for drugs.

Gitanjali’s estranged husband lives in Germany with her child waiting for her wife to come home.

Gitanjali, still striking with her matted dreadlocks and wearing a black corsette and long skirt that seemed to have all the colours of rainbow, didn’t get down from the car. Rather, she abused people who approached her. Three psychiatrists talked to her in the car. They later said she had poor hygiene, had rashes all over and was irritable.

When Metro Now , TOI’s sister newspaper, first spotted her in South Delhi’s Hauz Khas village and started taking her photographs, Gitanjali slid the T-shirt down her shoulders like a seasoned model and posed in style. She promised to model even better for a reward: a swim in a five-star hotel.

Asked by TOI (timesofIndia):

"Do you still like fashion?" TOI asked. "I like fission, nuclear fission." Her punning was compulsive. "What are your hobbies?" "Hobbies as in Calvin and Hobbes," she retorted in a clipped accent. Then she said, "I like walking and sleeping. I look at shops and check out latest designs."

She said, "I have no clue where I am going. I have a hotel in outer space." When offered a toffee, she said, "Is it the same one? It is making me sick. Does this have a soft centre? It is very hard. Does it have chocolate milk inside?" Gitanjali licked the wrappers clean.

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  1. Whatever she may have been and all that she had done has to be condoned,pardoned and try to get back to the normal stream, for this her parents (where are they?) dont her parents have the a heart to forgive what ever may be the wrongs commited in the past and atleast come and see their daughter in the hospital and see what they can do for her, after all they brought her forth to this earth.
    I hope and pray that all ends well for Geetanjali.

  2. Hello,
    my name is Robert Stuempfl and i need help of you to get in touch with my wife GEETANJALI NAGPAL!
    She has one Son 4 years and 9 months young, we live in Germany and lost conntact to her long time ago and now i hear from a friend that she is in your Hospital. Please we need to get in touch with her and we like to help her, maybe she can come back to us, to germany and get better here? Just let me know what have to be done and how she react to it that we try to get in touch with her. i send you a picture of her son and myself maybe it does some good for her to see we are still there for her. In any case get back to me and let me know how she does.
    With best regards
    Robert and Arthur Stuempfl

  3. […] 4th of September, I posted an article on former model Gitanjali Nagpal whose news were flashing on most of the leading Indian News Channels. At the time of posting, I […]

  4. HI
    This is Ekta from Metro Now newspaper. Metro Now is a new Indian paper and a joint venture between Times of India and Hindustan Times. We were the ones who broke the story of Gitanjali Nagpal. WE had gone to Hauz Khas Village market for another assignment but spotted Gitanjali overthere. Gitanjali was in a real bad state. I personally met the family and her fa,ily blamed her to be a drug-addict. They said that Gitanjali had done nothing except asking for money. Her sister, Madulika Nagpal said that Gitanjali had tried to kill her sisiter and her own mother. The family sowed no interest in taking her back. The family also told me abut the husband and the son but siad that se has abandoned them. Before printing Gitanjali’s story, we contacted all the NGO’s because we wanted Gitanjali to be in secured hands before we print the story. But all the organisaions refused to admit her without the family’s consent. We again contacted the family but her refused of providing any help. The next day all the TV channels and other newspapers followed our story but we tried our best to make sure that Gitanjali reaches in the safe hands. We couldn’t have left her with the oter TV channels because they wold have taken her to the studio for the interviews. She is in a very good hospital now and is being taken care off. I would like to tell you and her husband Robert that if he wants we can arrange for the meeting with the doctr and if he can give his contact number t us then we can arange a telephonic talk between Gitanjali and Robert. The family has disowned her but we really want her to be with the child and the husband. Trust me she has had enough. W meet her regularly and can help the husband. As the paper was new,we don’t have a websit but I will mail you the PDF of the story so that you will be able to send it to Robert.Please give us either Robert’s conact number or email-id so that we can provide him the required help.


  5. Gitanjali is getting treatment at VIMHANS-Vidya Sagar Inst. of Mental Health & Neurosciences,New Delhi for mental disorder. She is not durg addict but lost her memory. Doctors say, showing photos of her husband and son will have bad effect on her at this stage. However she is getting best treatment and hopefully be cured very soon

  6. Sheetal: I am glad that your blog has reached Geetanjali’s estranged husband..Robert.Her son, Arthur,is so cute.

    Robert:U r such a nice person.This time ppl try to leave their beloved.U r a gem.God must give you what u and little Arthur deserves.

    Indian Media:Please stop exagerrating on her personal life.. like with whom she has been,she has done..and please try to help her to get in touch with her husband.!!!

  7. I request the media to play a positive role in uniting the family of Gitanjali. Thanks

  8. Robert, it’s good to see that there are still some good people like you on this earth. Four years is a long time to be away but I am glad that you still want her to be well and happy again. I am a father to one year boy and I can understand your and Arthur feelings. I live very near to the hospital where Gitanjali is now a days, I don’t know how can I help, but if you need any help, please do let me know. I will be very happy to be of any help that I can.

    Sheetal You are an amazing person, It is said that all of us are created for some reson, may be you were created to unite Robert, Arthur and Gitanjali.

  9. […] city. The TV channels spoke of her sad descent into poverty. A UK Blogger mentioned this on their blog ( dated 4th September 2007) and also published the email written by the ex-fashion model’s husband […]

  10. […] same paper as Geetanjali and same way is followed by the blogger in story, as she writes her name Geetanjali as well as Gitanjali as in link inside the […]

  11. here is a new news story from gitanjali with some picture from the past she was an angel for me. love light and freedom…,voteid-2361148.cms

  12. Very interesting to see the stories and pictures of a renewed Geetanjali and deceased Josef Stawinoga (the hermit of the Wolverhampton Ring Road, UK) side by side in our Madurai edition of the New Indian Express, Oct 31. The whole page reflects something we are in awe of as the cross page columns on the top of the page (p11) talk about the UK regulating the “hate activities” in British Mosques. The human being will always yearn to break out of the strait jacket society imposes, whether through “strange” behaviour and drugs, or through violence, or the simplicity of a lifestyle evinced by beareded Josef who was allowed to live in a tent by the busy Ring Road for 35 years. One only hopes religion could go back to its roots and provide more harmony and love for people so that they could realise their unique soul without destroying and damaging either themselves or others on the way. One hopes that Geetanjali, while still young, can benefit from her traumatic trip to the lower depths … or was it dangerous heights?

  13. how is she doing and where is she now? media works overtime when something happens and then everything is hush… as if the persons existence dosent matter now that the story is done. no followup necessary.

  14. hi, my name is roopi, after seeing the movie fashion i have heard the first time about geetanjalis story, and i was upset and crying. why is this world so selfish and rude. this can happen to everyone, for gods sake leave her alone, it would be so nice if somebody can reunite her with her husband and son. i searched everything and every information about geetanjali, u can only find storys about her past condition or the way she was found, but does anybody know how she is now. i mean why isnt the media now talking about her well beeing to bring her back on the right track, she needs support and maybe a little bit attention of the world to love nherself again. dont behave with her like she is in prison, and please let the world now know about her good state so atleast people can forget the incident and maybe she can live a normal life again without hiding her face.
    everyday im thinking about her about how she is feeling now, i could cry every day, because if u see someone so beautyful and inteligent like her in so much trouble, u first just want to cry and then help her.
    and for example look at big stars like britney spears, she was totally crazy but see now shes fine and everyone it on the way to forget the incident.
    my request is please give the people outside some information of geetanjalis well beeing so atleast her fans or well wishers can breath peacefully, thanks roopi

  15. only god will take care 2 geetanjali . i m also help less

  16. I would like to contact Geetanjali. Does anyone know where she is today? Margaret

  17. The situation with Gitanjali is really unfortunate, we pray God to bless her and make her fine soon….!!!

  18. i am eagerly waiting to hear atleast Geetanjali has been united with her husband and son and at the same time would like to know why dis Robert had to leav her alone or whats the reason for their living separately as in India and Germany.

  19. Does any1 know where geetu is these days? has any NGO taken up her responsibility? God bless her….

  20. hello !
    any information on geetanjali…am looking in delhi all around for her..but no result… in delhi have looked where her mom n sis n brother lived ..n neighbours say idea..cant get the new no..old no has changed…but i guess if they arent in touch with her the family they wont tell either…i just need to know where she is so that can meet her…we are old school friends right through till she moved out of bombay…
    please who ever has any info..let me know ..thanks

  21. Seriously I have just posted a thing comparable just about Former model Geetanjali Nagpal – Ramp to Road on my wordpress bog a while back. How small is the world wide web 🙂


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