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June 2nd, 2007

Because of my protest, Endemol has back-off from his latest reality TV show “The Big Donor”. To cover their embarrassing ass, they have made up a story….saying that there was never such kind of show going to happen, yeah they did have their artist and studio booked, but they was not going to perform any kidney transplant surgery (they got scared of the negative publicity). They just wanted to make a point to the Dutch government that how hard it is to find a kidney donor and that how long people have to wait to get a kidney transplant.

I think its all bullshit….they don’t want to admit but I know they got scared and was forced to surrender.

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  1. Hi Sheetal,
    Thanks for comment on my riya sen post. Its good to see a comment every once a million comment who actually reads the post before commenting..

    oh and good job with your protest. I am not much into reality shows much but when they try to make it to news this way I hate it even more..

    btw, isnt a ‘about me/us’ section is missing on your blog!!

  2. […] very safe, they don’t want the show to get into trouble. They already have cancelled their “The Big Donor” show in […]


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