Killings – In the name of reality TV shows

May 30th, 2007

Really it makes me sick, when I see people going to there extremes to get fame and money. Same is with “Endemol” creator of Big Brother in 1999. I must say Endemol is the one company with no business ethics whatsoever. Just to be in the business and to make money it can cross any boundaries in the name of reality TV show.

The programme, to be shown in the Netherlands on Friday, has caused outrage among health campaigners and politicians. They say “The Big Donor Show”, made by Dutch company Endemol, represents a new low in reality TV and should not be aired.

It involves a terminally ill woman who will decide which of three young patients will get her kidney. All three are critically ill and on dialysis as they wait for a donor organ to be made available. Viewers will be able to advise the 37-year-old woman, known as Lisa, via text messages which of the candidates to pick.

Several transplant patient organisations and politicians have objected to “The Big Donor Show”. Reiner Hofmann, spokesman for the Dutch Transplant Foundation, said: “This is a scandal, it is no better than selling organs. They are taking advantage of people in a desperate situation for entertainment.”

But the makers have defended the show, saying it is meant to highlight the difficulty of obtaining a kidney donor (bullshit…Endemol just want to have fun on the cost of other peoples life).

The show is going to be shown in UK as well. I will have my views once I have seen the show. But meanwhile I’ll pray for the show to be banned and Endemol to be no more part of TV or Entertainment industry.

Shows of Endemol – Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, For the rest of your Life, Fear Factor, Ready steady cook (my fav). These are the only one I have seen till now.

I will also share my views for the non-celebrity “Big Brother” starting today in UK at 9:00 pm today. Till then bye bye…!

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  3. Hi.. Endemol has been known because of their concept they made which, BIG Brother. which i also followed because i find it interesting and to see different personality. By the way i had also blog where i posted some sneak preview of our favorite TV shows which i named, Free TV Shows Online and it has some featured product you may review. again, nice posted topic…cheers!

  4. I watched Big Brother completely. It was really cool because it was the first reality show! Today I’m not interested in such things.


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