Spoiler Alert – Kushal Tandon Evicted from Bigg Boss House

December 17th, 2013

Finally, the PUPPET, Kallu Kaaliya, Kammo.. or in Salman’s words – “whatever you want to say”, KUSHAL TANDON is out off the Bigg Boss house. The Love story of Kushan Tandon and Gauahar Khan ends here. We all know that temperament of Kushal and so called – “being Fair” Gauhar khan can’t survive under one roof for long time. Their relation is good for short BATHROOM breaks.

KAMMO to gayi – par Dil le gayi Gauahar ka

It was very clear that Mid-week eviction was going to happen this week. For those who take pangas with Salman Khan, eviction comes with humiliation. Kushal’s mid night eviction is exactly like last year’s Delnaaz Irani. She was also asked to leave the house in her night suit. Hope Kushal is also kicked in same way and next it has to be Armaan Kohli. These all idiots who dont’t know how to respect and behave with ladies should be kicked on their BUTT.

We still cannot confirm the News of Kushal’s eviction but will be very happy if this is confirmed.CONFIRMED NEWS

Surprise eviction: Day 94 Sneak Peek 3

No messing with Ajaz Khan.  He proved that “KHAN” naam hi kaafi hai .  I, me and myself.  Ek number MANAS

Gauahar – Ajaz!! you are the only one.. I need a shoulder to cry. Can we take a Bathroom break?

Guess Why Kushal is out – DAD was sleeping at night, and all the Lala Bhais of Ajaz Khan was voting. Smile

Nominated against Ajaz Khan and Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon will definitely feel the pinch of Ajaz surviving the eviction against him.

On a funny note – PYAZ ne Delhi ki Sarkar gira di, Kushal Tandon ki kya AUKAAT hai

Just one question – Why always Baggy trousers?

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