Kushal Tandon comeback as “Kallu Kaalia” in Bigg Boss 7

December 7th, 2013


Kushal Tandon, the grandson of Lalji Tandon (BJP MP),  the 6th sexiest man of Asia, alumni of Scinidia School, BUT now we all know him as KALLU KAALIA. I think he was better off outside. I wonder how he stayed calm for a week and  made Tanisha his sister. He tried hard to keep himself in control, but SANGAT ka asar. Gauhar is the one who instigates him in all the way. But now with sangat ka asar or whatever, he is back with bang. His comeback is revealing more of his negativity.

CLAIM TO FAME  -  6th sexiest man of Asia – “I am 6th sexiest man of Asia” in his totla style (stammer).

How he got the name Kallu Kaaliya?

The name is coined by the Gau-Shal’s  dear friend Ajaz Khan. It was not meant for his skin tone, but for being “Kabab ki Haddi” in Ajaz’s flirt relationship with Gauhar. I think the Kaalia was said in reference to the famous villian of Hindi movie “Sholay” -  Gauhar as Gabbar Singh, and Kushal the hench man of Gauhar as “Kaalia”.  But lately with time, the meaning of this word got changed, and Armaan also started calling him KAALIA, and this time for his skin tone. Infact Ajaz started calling him as Kallu, Kaalia, Bhuchal Singh. He wonders what Gauhar has seen in him – “Khan Sahab ne kya dekha hai isme”. “Wah re Wah Khan sahab ki pasand”

The funny part of this incident is that Gauhar is so hurt with these names that she is trying hard to make him GORA by washing his face and applying all sorts of makeups on him.

It would be more interesting if Salman reveals the truth to Kushal that the name “KAALIA” is given to him by his dear friend Ajaz. But we all know Kushal can’t harm Ajaz, as he knows some of his secrets. 

What he has got from his comeback?

  1. A Buddhi Gauhar, anyone older than him is Buddha/Buddhi. We don’t know how long this TU TU MEIN MEIN relationship will last, as two people are trying best to break it – OUTSIDE Salman and INSIDE Ajaz
  2. Nick names – Kallu, Kaalia, Bhuchal Singh, Totla
  3. More bashing every week -  OUTSIDE Salman and INSIDE Gauhar. She is trying to control him too much.. Every day we hear just two words -  No Kushal, Stop Kushal. But she doesn’t know Bandar kya jane Adrak ka swad

The moral of this post – Kushal ko Kya Mila aa ke  – Baba ji ka Thulu

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