Nach Baliye 4 – Mouli Ganguly and Mazhar best!

November 9th, 2008

As it is, it was so boring watching Nach Baliye and on top of that my best jodis are gone one is eliminated and other one left due to medical reasons, Jodi 1 – Vineet Raina and Tanushree Kaushal and Jodi 3 – Karnvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu respectively. I am gutted; I was counting on these two. I think this year Nach Baliye has lost its charm, there’s no excitement and no dance or fun only thing we can see is couples seeking medical attentions and getting trap into stupid so called twists every week. No wonder why star plus has not made any website for this season  of Nach Baliye. We have very exciting judge Farah Khan but than we don’t have jodis who can force her to showcase her blunt and muhphat attitude. But we did see the real Farah last night when she shouted at Reshmi Gosh “bring your own undergarments, wear your own heels don’t blame others”.

Friday night was good with theme of “stage performance” which meant that points will be given only on the basis of jodis dancing abilities. Malaika Khan and Suniel Shetty was special guest promoting their film EMI and also they had 2 lacs of prize money for performance of the week jodi. Which went to jodi no 12 Abhijeet and Shilpa Sawant. Judges found their performance very interesting, Abhijeet and Shilpa danced on “bachna ae haseeno” and scored 30 points. But according to me Mouli and Mazhar’s performance on “Kajra re” was superb, they did Kajrare in lavni style which was outstanding.

Saturday’s theme was “time machine” means going back in era. Team Shava-Shava performed on song “Rock n Roll” and during the performance Megha had a wardrobe malfunction. Team Balle-Balle performed on “Krazy four” and was the winners of the night. Next week as a result of twist we will see one celebrity jodi joining the gang.

Friday – Jodis and their Songs:

Jodi 1 – Vineet Raina and Tanushree Kaushal on “Dus Bhane.
Jodi 2 – Reshmi Gosh and Amit Gupta danced on “Ishq Kamina.”.
Jodi 3 – Karnvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu didn’t perform.
Jodi 4 – Naman Shaw and Megha Gupta’s song was “desi girl”.
Jodi 5 – Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol performed on aaj ki raat.
Jodi 6 – Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwakar danced on “pappu can’t dance”.
Jodi 7 – Sudeep and Anantika Sahir danced on “hey baby”.
Jodi 8 – Mouli Ganguly and Mazhar’s song was “kajra re”.
Jodi 9 – Jaspal and Savita Bhatti danced on “saara zamana haseeno”.
Jodi 11 – Shaleen Balot and Daljit Kaur did a “nagada bajaa”.
Jodi 12 – Abhijeet and Shilpa Sawant danced on “bachna ae haseeno”.

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  2. Hello. I would like to add my thoughts to this. Jodi # 1 sucked. They were highly leaning on the bias judges. Otherwise their performances lacked so many times. The audience noticied it and voted them out….As for Karanvir it was unjustified. I would like to see Karanvir and Tj back. At least with karanvir and Tj they performed and scored on merit nor favoritism on the judges. The older couples as Jodi # 1 and 9 are getting too much favoritism from the judges,…

  3. Hi.. not sure whose website this is, but a friend of mind told me to check it out so I did.. thank you so much for your kind words and your support. We had to take a voluntary elimination from the show since Karnvir had torn a ligament in his knee.. He’s getting physio and doing better but it’s so heartwarming to see that we’re not forgotten and that people still want to see us back on the show. Wish you and all our fans/well-wishers a beautiful new year!! best regards, Teejay :)

    (Sorry, had to repost, I added the wrong website address!)

  4. Hi Teejay,

    Thanks for your lovely comment! I was very sad to see you both leaving the show. Don’t know about you :) but I am sure Karnvir is a good dancer.
    Wishing you both a happy new year and a get-well-soon wish for Karnvir!

  5. nach balliye is a good show we really enjoying the jodi’s who are showing and expressing their true love and building up a good relationship and confidence but one thing I’m not happy about Farah khan’s attitude towards some jodi’s and this is public reality show where she is not only losing her temper but also using inappropriate language toward them as well as breaking their confidence she needs to take into consideration that they too have a personal/work life with a tight schedule. this is not acceptable as this is giving this show a bad impression not just in India but in the UK .personally when I’m watching this with my children this is ridiculous at all unfortunately I’m a British citizen i can’t do much about this but hopefully this message will inspire the public/participants to take action.


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