Gauhar cheating on Nihar Pandya

October 23rd, 2013

Gandi Gauhar’s sati-savitri, caring-sharing and very considerate image is finally ruined. Her real life boyfriend who is she dating from past 2 years is exposed.

Nihar Pandya is the man we are talking about. He is also the ex of Deepika Padukone and Arpita Khan (Salman khan’s sister). Nihar is an aspiring actor, and may not be well known,

Not only this, Gauhar was dating a Delhi-based guy called Sahil Peerzada before starting a relationship with Nihar Pandyai.



Shrewd and manipulating Gauhar Khan

DNA reports says that Gauhar was in a serious relationship with Nihar Pandya, and both of them were on verge of contemplating marriage. But it looks like Gauhar split with Nihar just before she was about to enter Bigg Boss house.

What are the reasons of split? Sources says that it was religious differences. They had differences on lot of issues related to future,especially kids. Nihar wanted to raised kids as per Gujarati culture, but she wanted to follow her religion, and she was very strict on some religious issues.

Although Gauhar may have explained these reasons to media or dear ones, but it looks like she had something else in her mind.  She may have thought that she will get a bigg break through this show, and there is no reason to keep him

Bigg Boss

Poor Andy is trying very hard to remind her, her class and status, to keep her away from Kushal Tandon, but all in vain. What he doesn’t know is that she is wittingly doing it. Actually gandi Gauhar is such a smart pant that she is using idiotic Kushal for her own good. Everything seems pre-planned – getting into BB house, looking for a bakra, having an affair, staying in for long. This fake affair also seems to be permitted by her boyfriend Nihar Pandya…anything for money and to be in limelight!

All that care for Kushal is just so fake and fun part is he knows that! Both are pucca kameenas, they don’t need words to communicate. They both are playing it for BB Trp and audience…but audience is not fool boss!


12/12/2013  : Sachin Joshi (friend of Nihar Pandya) ,  entered the bigg house with Sunny Leone to promote their upcoming movie “Jackpot”. He spoke about Gauhar and said that she has been using the men of house. He also said that Ajaz Khan and Kushal Tandon are puppet of Gauhar Khan, which made Gauhar speechless, and both Kushal & Ajaz got stunned. Gauhar got very annoyed. Later in the episode we saw that Kushal asking Gauhar, “Why you didn’t reverted back saying Kushal is my boyfriend and not puppet”

Check this video on bigg boss – Kushal and Ajaz are puppets of Gauhar Khan

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