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December 8th, 2013

The 33 year old, Ajaz Khan was completely a new and unknown face before he entered the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 7 as  wild card entry on Day 42 with other unknown face Candy Brar. But now the whole country knows him and admire him for his entertainment factors like witty replies and one liners. He is 5’7” inches tall and hails from Ahmedabad and had a middle-class upbringing.

He always had dream of being an actor, and worked really hard for it. Unconfirmed news is that he has driven Taxi in New York and London.  He is known to be quite sentimental about his son Alexander, who is probably away from him, as he is separated from his wife Andrea.

Claim to Fame – He is the only Indian Actor to have featured in the Oscar Promo’s.

Bigg Boss

On Day 42, he entered the Caravan with Candy Brar and stayed there for three days, and then moved to main house on day 45. Big Boss is been like a milestone for Ajaz Khan. He’s got bigger and better exposure through BB7. His stay in BB7 has shown all of his sides, be it funny, sad, real, fake, love, hate or his out of the world thoughts and witty one liner. He has shown that he is in love with one of the contestant in house, Gauhar Khan, to whom he fondly calls as “Khan Saab”. At same time he is the one person who brought all the bad sides of Gauhar out in open. He irritated Gauhar so much with his love confessions that she really had to show her anger and raise her voice on him. Ajaz also tried his best to create misunderstanding between Gauhar and Kushal.

Ajaz had a harmonious relation with all the house members, except Armaan Kohli. He had some real tiff with him. Now these days he is seen worried that he will not win the BB7 because he is a Wild card entry. His displeasure shows that he really wants to win this season and thinks himself as a strong contender.

His love for Gauhar Khan is a international subject. Ajaz has also given names to Kushal out of jealousy he calls him “Kallu, Kaalia and Bhuchaal Singh.”

He has proved himself as a great entertainer on the show. He sings, mimicks, acts, dance. In short he is a complete all rounder, The “Ek Number”.   He is a very interesting character, loves to gossip, steal other people’s stuff and then reveal it in front of camera and we as the  Nation is loving it.. 


  1. Karam Apna Apna
  2. Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka
  3. Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat ki


  1. Allah Ke Banday
  2. Lakeer Ke Fakeer
  3. Rakta Charitra 2
  4. Buddha Hoga Tera Baap
  5. Nayak (Telugu) – 2013
  6. Stalin Baadshah (Telugu) – 2013

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