Dolly Bindra in Bigg Boss 4

October 24th, 2010

The bollywood vamp and TV actress Dolly Bindra is rumoured to be next wild card entry in Bigg Boss house.

Dolly Bindra told PTI – "I am just going to have plain fun at the Bigg Boss house and I am not scared of the politics and back-biting. Most of the housemates are hypocrites. I don’t know why they are so sad inside,"

The actress hit headlines in year 2007 for being physically assaulted by actor and Bigg Boss season 2 contestant Raja Chaudhary at a party. Shweta Tiwari who that time stood beside her husband and supported him, is also one of the participant in house. Now the question is, Will Shweta extend a olive branch to Dolly or will both them share cold vibes?

Cold vibes or Olive branch whatever, the audience will definitely have masala to watch. And I will have top most hits on my page which I wrote about few years back in support of Dolly Bindra.

When asked about Shweta’s presence in the house, Dolly said:
"I don’t know who Shweta Tiwari is, but as far as Raja Chaudhary is concerned, I have forgiven him,".

I am very excited to see Dolly in the house. The game begins…!

Video of Dolly Bindra in Bigg Boss House

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    Cant u judge dis from her personality n da way she talks and dresses. Does there seem any need to rape her.

    And for Raja Chaudhary n Shweta Tiwari, Shweta earlier said in media that Raja is no doubt a good person and a very loving husband but there are many more things than love alone n sometimes two good persons are not made for each other.

    And tht was all clear in BIGG BOSS 2 that though he is violent but also he is a good hearted person n loves Shweta. What I think is that there is a serious phsychological bipolar mood disorder with him n he need to be treated for that n in that case, one has no control over his’her behaviour (from personal experience).

    Poor that these two good people are not with each other.

  2. wen d raja incident hppnd, i was sad 4 u….bt nw dolly bindra u hav proved dat u nt only luk lik slut bt r also a slut by character & nature…gud dat raja slapped u…in big boss v hav com 2 kno ur true colours….

  3. dolly g app itna kaha se bolna sikhi hia

  4. Dolly is a 3rd rate whore, she looks just like a street prostitute. she abuse other women in the house,making remarks of their character, God only knows with how many she have slept with. I pity the Namardh who is married to such a rascal.


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