Bigg Boss 4 – Devinder Singh alias Bunty "The super chor"

July 23rd, 2010

Bigg Boss Season 4 is all set to raise the curtain on colors…soon! Date, time, host and contestants are still not confirmed but I am sure we all are keenly waiting for the announcement.

Updates : Devinder aka Bunty chor is already kicked out of the house for misbehaving and breaking the rules on first day of his entry in the house.

For me the Host is last person I am interested in, it doesn’t matter if it’s Big B, SRK or Shilpa Shetty hosting the show. They all are same, unless it’s someone like Puja Bedi. I think she is the best host for Bigg Boss kind of shows, where you have to grill the contestants with a smile on your face. At least channel can have her back for “Aakhri salaam.” She will do wonders for the TRP and audience of the show.

Any ways let’s talk about the extremely integral part of this show, “The Contestants”. Yes, they are the people who make the show interesting. Whereas nothing is yet confirmed, one very unusual and unexpected name is doing rounds as a contestant.

Devinder Singh alias Bunty, the super chor who created quite a stir in Delhi with his clever robberies. Bunty robbed over 300 houses and 100 showrooms in Delhi, before he was finally nabbed in 2007. Remember the Abhay Deol starrer Oye Lucky Lucky Oye? Abhay Deol played Devinder Singh.

Channel Said:

It was the idea of one of the creative heads of the channel and it was not an easy task to meet him. Bunty is known to be on the run and keeps on changing his phone numbers.

When he was finally contacted, he was surprised at the offer but eventually accepted it. He has signed the contract and has also signed an agreement where he won’t be allowed to talk to the media or reveal anything about the show.

Bunty has already been signed on to be one of the 13 contestants but the matter is still under wraps. I would say show has certainly got itself in news with this extra ordinary contestant on board. Now let’s see which name next will make the headlines?

And for Delhi Police who is still clueless about Devinder Singh’s whereabouts for over five years, now knows where to get hold of him. All thanks to Bigg Boss 4!

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