Devinder Super chor out of Bigg Boss 4

October 3rd, 2010

Drama already begun….Devinder Singh alias Bunty the Super chor is out of the Bigg Boss house already. Bunty entered the Bigg Boss house in Lonavala with 13 other contestants on Saturday night and was asked to leave the house at 11.15 pm on Sunday.

Bunty kept breaking all the rules and he kept sleeping throughout the day which is not allowed in the house. He even covered the cameras with socks and used abusive language against the Bigg Boss. So he was asked to leave. In fact, before leaving the house, he even tampered with the microphones. He abused Bigg Boss with Teri maa ki …, teri … and many such obscene words and did not go to the confession room, even after being summoned thrice by Bigg Boss.

Bunty received the maximum number of votes when the Bigg Boss asked the contestants to nominate any one person on the very first day. While the inmates thought the nomination was for eviction, Bunty was actually made the captain of the house.

However Bunty, who got the sobriquet of "superchor" for his compulsive and audacious thefts, kept flouting all the rules of the show.

Sunday 7 pm: Bunty was asked by Bigg Boss to vacate the Head of the House room, as he spent the entire day sleeping without participating in any work or getting the work done.

7.30 pm:
He slowly started packing his bag to get out of the Head’s room.

9 pm:
He started abusing Bigg Boss on the mike using foul language like Bigg Boss ki maa ka… etc.

9.30 pm:
He started tampering with the camera by putting his socks over them in order to cover them.
Later, the inmates tried to explain to him that he should not be doing this, as it was against their contract.

Between 9.30 and 10.15 pm:
He was summoned thrice by Bigg Boss to the confession room, but he refused to go and abused Bigg Boss. When Sameer Soni and Shweta Tiwari tried to explain to him, he violently told them to stay away, "Aap Jaiye aur apna kaam kijiye, aap hatiye." He said he cares a shit for Bigg Boss and wanted to leave the show.

11.15 pm:
Bigg Boss announced that Bunty should leave the house for the previously mentioned reasons. He was removed as he could be a threat to anyone inside the house because of the way he was behaving. His contract may be terminated and he can be asked to go back. The whole drama will be aired today.

Now let’s see who will replace Bunty in the house?

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  2. bb 2 jissa rat ka direct telecast chalu kar dena shayd or trp badh jayengi


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