Bigg Boss 3 – Punishment to Rohit Vindu and Raju

November 16th, 2009

Week 7 Nominations:

  • Pravesh – Bakhtiyaar & Aditi
  • Poonam – Aditi & Pravesh
  • Claudia – Bakhtiyaar & Aditi
  • Vinod – Pravesh & Bakhtiyaar
  • Aditi – Pravesh & Vinod
  • Bakhtiyaar – Rohit & Claudia

Three idiots of evil gang were banned from nomination. Do I have to name them?

Six people are up for eviction this week. Bakhtiyaar, Aditi & Pravesh are up by 3 votes, and Vinod, Rohit & Claudia are up by 1 vote.

Big Thanks to Bigg Boss for giving such a fantastic and superb episode, a good mix of justice, entertainment, emotion and action. It was mind boggling and one of the best ever episode till now. No more complains from Bigg Boss, got more than expected. It was lovely and we can say that justice is done.

Now, I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode, where Rohit poppat is in a hanging cage. Rohit and Raju looked visibly embarrassed and shattered after the telecast of their kukarams video, but Vindu as usual was completely nanga, he behaved like nothing has happened and that he has added char chaand to his name. He thinks India likes him and will vote for him. What he doesn’t know is that his own family members are not willing to recognise him any more. Vindu is in deep shit now, but poor oldie still thinks he’s the best! He needs to be sent to an institution with some real psychiatric help. He is living on some other imaginary planet of his own.

Raju and Rohit are trying best to convince people that they were just a part of Vindu’s plotting and planning. Rohit took one step ahead by creating a big drama scene with Vindu. He started fake crying and screaming. What else do we expect from Rohit, the big Drama Queen? Bigg boss humiliated Raju by doing court martial from his police duty. Raju is worried about his mimicry performances as Pravesh has proved on National TV that he is the best. In real means, “Raju ki chaddi to ab utari hai

Poonam looked very embarrassed and shocked for trusting Rohit, but she didn’t say anything because that would put a big question mark on her experience to judge people. Or may be she still thinks that only Vindu can save her ass from being nominated, what a hypocrite women. On other hand Aditi was much better; she took everything very quietly and made it clear that she hates the three culprits.

Poor Kambli doesn’t know what to do. He is in such a deep state of shock that he started taking care of Bakhtiyaar baby. He was looking like a lost baba in the woods.

I am very impressed with the smart cookie, Pravesh. He had the brain to go and check with Claudia if people are angry with him for not doing any dishes. He is playing safe.

For god sake, can someone please ask Bakhtiyaar to stop crying like a baby. He should remember that he has got life outside bigg boss house.

Vindu and Raju will be nominated again and again until they are kicked out off the house. They are the new couple of house.

It’s time to go home for Rohit. Pack your bags and be prepare to face more!!

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  1. Everyone who had come to big boss except for VINDU had achieved something or atleast people had heard about them. I feel for his old dad MR. DARA SINGH who has sucha big name in India & around the world. I don’t know what he must be thinking when he must be seeing his son naked in front of the whole India.

  2. Todays show was really marvellous..Very emotional…
    Big Boss really gives the twist…bet ROHIT will leave he is a disgusting piece of smelly shit.
    Vindu thinks he is Dara singh and people will vote for him thinking the same…lol. he is a very nanga-punga aadmi or retarded janwar.

  3. lol vindu says mike kharaab hai isiliye hame nahi bulaya nominations ke liye. kal jail me jaaega to sab pata chal jaega .Rohit was exactly negative aunty of bb.vindu ke dimaag me kuda bhara hai sochta hai log use bachyenge. bevkoof gadhe jo tujhe nominate kare vo gande jo nahi kare unhe acche bolta hai tu. sabse ganda tu hi hai bas ek baar nominate ho ja ab bahar aane ke baad tere kapde phad denge log .anyway nanga to tujhe aaj big boss ne kar diya hi hai. saal bhar me ek do movie me dikh jaata tha 5 min ke liye ab vo bhi nahi milengi . gaon jakar kheti karne ke liye bhi dimaag hai nahi tujhme. beej nahi boyega aur bolega zameen kharaab hai isliye fasal nahi ugi.

  4. Rohit got bad acting skill. He should go to some acting school before his next reality show so that he can act better. I m sure he will get 2-3 reality shows more after this.its quite ridiculous man do u some life outside this this show. Raju ko buri sangat ka phal mil gaya. vindu as said very right lives on his planet of imagination .Does anyone know about devarshi of roadies6. on road trafic has got jam bcoz vindu dancing on road thinks people enjoying . their blowing horns are whistles for my good dance.Traffic signal is disco light for him. they are not throwing shoes, chapplas these are notes and coins.

  5. Loved Pravesh for his sense of humour and timing. today his words “balgum thukenge” something like that for Rohit and yesterday when he was making fun of Rohit by saying “tumhe nange hone ki feeling nahi aayi“. Pravesh is too good and playing his game very well. HOpe he play the game with good spirits and don’t get into bad books of anybody.

  6. After all proved that we as audeince are stupid. How the hell Vinod Kambli such a nice guy was not saved by us. or may be we want to see some more dirty tricks and fights among housemates by keeping Rohit in. now that we also have KRK in it will be hothot in the house.


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