Who pulled Raju Srivastav Shorts? Aditi, Tanaaz or Shamita

November 15th, 2009

Who is the real culprit of pulling Raju’s shorts?

Shamita was on firing line of Media after the incident of pulling Raju’s shorts during pool party. Tanaaz was also blamed for this incident, but no one said anything about Aditi Gowitrikar. As the video was only shown for few seconds as a promo for the next day’s episode, and the “pulling shorts” clip was chopped off from that episode, so people didn’t get chance to know who is real culprit. If you see the video slowly with pauses, it is very clear that the person responsible is ADITI,Mrs Gladrags, who dare to bare Mr Raju Srivastava.

Tanaaz is out of Bigg Boss now, and talking to media when she had the chance to clear the doubt, she did little to explain that it was not her but ADITI.

Excerpt from Interview
You pulled Raju  Shrivastav’s shorts?
Did they show that? God! But come on when you come to a pool party, you should have brains enough to wear something underneath. We were so embarrassed, after it happened that we ran away. Having said that, he took it quite sportingly!

Is she trying to be in limelight by taking the blame of this incident? or Is she saving her friendship with ADITI by not naming her explicitly?

Whoever takes the blame, we all know that it was ADITI.

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