Abbas Kazmi Aakhri Salaam with Salman Khan

October 10th, 2010

Abbas Kazmi’s Akhari Salam was full entertainment, an hour vassol in front of  TV. Salman chulbul khan was at his best. Today’s episode was about Abbas but Salman stole it. Salman’s entry, exit and in between the show everything was just impeccable.

Best was when he sang “tadap tadap ke” from his love film hum dil de chuke sanam , probably first time after his break-up with Aishwarya. There was famous astrologer Bejan Daruwala for the predictions about the winner of the Bigg Boss 4. And according to  Bejan – Begum, Sameer and Manoj Tiwari are competitors for the winner. Bejan also predicted that Salman will get married in next 2 years to his dream girl. And there will be 2 girls competing to get Salman.

About Abbas:
He was lucky that he didn’t get any whips from Salman. But he is a big liar, he lied when he said that Bigg Boss explicitly took three girls name and said that because of them the budget point was reduced.
While leaving the house Abbas was asked to give 2 names as his nomination of the week. He took Veena Malik and Seema Parihar’s name and the reason was both are not from glamour world. Veena and Seema both have 1 vote each now. Abbas was asked to rank the housemates from 1to 10 and to describe them in one word by Salman.

Abbas’s Opinion:

Housemates Ranking Described
Hrishant Goswami 4   Back stabber
Sakshi Pradhan 6 Naughty
Ashmit Patel 5 Introvert
Sara Khan 7 Sweet
Begum Ali 7 Kind
Shweta Tiwari 1 Wicked
Sameer Soni 3 Diplomatic & Manipulative
Aanchal Kumar 9 Angel
Rahul Bhatt 10 Genuine
Seema Parihar 8 Reformed
Manoj Tiwari Double faced
Veena Malik   3 Vamp

First week of the house was fantastic, housemates without wasting any time revealed their good and bad side of their personality. We saw Ashmit and Veena washing their dirty linen in public. They revealed everything about their relationships, affairs and MMS, of course! Ashmit took the opportunity to “authenticate” the MMS clip of him and Riya Sen and shed some crocodile tears. He was so fake! Veena did the same. Infact today we saw Veena having an argument with Shweta over mens. She claimed that she can get any man she wants. Actually she is also trying on apna Salman.

Sara Khan is playing dirty tricks in the house to win the show. She has come with all the tools and planning, she is trying her best to get the attention of Ashmit Patel. May be she wants to feature in his next MMS….LOL! The attention seeker and despo was seen tearing all the pictures of her boyfriend Ali Merchant. But doing so she did not look real, everything looked pre-planned. The way she then went up to Ashmit and let him know of her doings, shedding some tears to gain sympathy and vote was all so fake. So this is the real bahu I guess.

Begum is nominated as Captain of the house for a week and is enjoying the luxury delight room.

Hrishant is trying his best to kick the ladies of the house out of there. He is constantly picking on girls and making them cry.

Sameer is the best one, he is lambi race ka ghoda and a very genuine person, so far.

Seema being a non celebrity and a dacoit is extra comfortable with all other housemates. She has also managed to dominate some of the housemates. Salman said ‘I LOVE U’ to Seema, which was like an indication to others that beware Seema is gaining popularity outside.

Shweta, we have to wait and watch what will happen next.

Manoj Tiwari is with everybody. No complains!

Rest all will take time to open up and face the camera. They are still behind the camera.

Lets see who nominates who on Monday.

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  1. Salman is entertaining whenever he is drunk…


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