Shahrukh and I are related
May 25th, 2007
Remember big “Tu Tu Mein Mein” between Amar Singh and Shahrukh Khan. Yeah I loved it and would love shahrukh khan more for calling Amar Singh a “darindha”. I was just sick of seeing Amar Singh hanging to Amitabh Bachchan all the time and everywhere basically 24/7. But nothing changed, still Amar Singh is a pet dog to Amitabh Bachchan. I wonder what’s wrong with Amitabh’s brother or other family members, why can’t they company Amitabh instead of Amar Singh. Anyway that’s not why I am writing this, it’s about the words Shahrukh Khan use to attack Amar Singh. If you remember he said “Mein Pathan ka bacha hu”, at that moment I thought what’s wrong with Shahrukh Khan why ...


"Jordin Sparks" Winner of American Idol 2007
May 25th, 2007
My curiosity in American Idol 2007 died after the eviction of my favourite “Sanjaya Malakar”, but as they say “The show must go on, no matter whatever happens”. With a heavy heart I started supporting “Jordin Sparks”, she touched my heart and she was the only one left with good looks and voice. I am happy that she won. Jordin Sparks 17-year-old from Arizona became the youngest ever winner of American Idol, after viewers cast a record 74 million votes. Jordin Sparks beat Blake Lewis, 25, to the top spot on the US’s most watched television show after the singer captured the hearts of viewers with her bubbly personality and big voice. The two finalists embraced after host Ryan ...


Romantic Countries
May 23rd, 2007
Here’s some stupid funny stuff, I know it might sound funny to some people. But I want to share this with everyone. Whoever created this must have nothing else to do or you can say very creative (just little appreciation). “Kabhi kabhi bechkani harkate bhi karani chahiye”  H.O.L.L.A.N.D Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies. I.T.A.L.Y I Trust And Love You. L.I.B.Y.A Love Is Beautiful, You Also. F.R.A.N.C.E Friendships Remain And Never Can End. C.H.I.N.A Come Here.. I Need Affection. B.U.R.M.A Between Us, Remember Me Always. N.E.P.A.L Never Ever Part As Lovers. I.N.D.I.A I Nearly Died In Adoration. K.E.N.Y.A Keep Everything Nice, Yet Arousing. C.A.N.A.D.A Cute And Naughty Action that Developed into Attraction. ...


Richard Gere on Koffee with Karan – Flop
May 21st, 2007
I have to & have to admit this, that I was totally disappointed last night with “Koffee with karan”. I was dying to see Richard Gere on the sofa, but sofa was “gayab” and there was an arm chair, which looked very outdated and uncomfortable to me, not at all impressive. The image I had in mind for Richard Gere on KWK shattered when I saw Gere with those old fashioned glasses (soda glasses) and no dressing sense, I mean the colour of his shirt was pretty dull. Infact Karan was looking quite cool and dashing with pink shirt and white blazer.Half of my excitement died when I saw Gere with stupid dull clothes and glasses, but than I thought may be ...


I’ll Be There for You – Friends
May 21st, 2007
Lyrics of my much-loved show’s title song. So, no one told you life was gonna be this way.Your Job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.It's like you're always stuck in second gear.And it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year. But -I'll be there for you ... when the rain starts to fall.I'll be there for you ... like I've been there before.I'll be there for you ... cause you're there for me, too.You're still in bed at ten and work began at eight.You've burned your breakfast, so far everything is great.Your mother warned you there'd be days like these.But she didn't tell you when the world has ...


Axe Effect
May 18th, 2007
Stupid, Funny Ad.   Boom Chicka Wah Wah - Funny Axe Commercial


"Koffee" with Karan and Richard Gere
May 17th, 2007
Alright! We all know Karan goes to New York 10 times a year (may be countless), but this time he brings Hollywood to his koffee with Karan studio. Yup! We will see the most controversial man at this moment in India “Richard Gere” on KWK (most probably this sunday). So hold your breath and wait to see the most sexy and handsome man walking to the sofa. Richard confessed that he has seen Indian movies, but cannot recollect the names. In fact, he would love to act in a song and dance Bollywood movie. Karan’s confession to Richard, “My mother goes weak in her knees every time she sees you on television”. Richard shares his own experience, I was making a ...


Lovely song from Huntrez – “Releh”
May 15th, 2007
This is one of my favourite songs and I want to share it with everybody. There is nothing so special in it but I don’t know why I love it. The lyrics are every catchy and once you hear it, you are bond to hum it all day. It’s very interesting the way “Rehle” is pronounced “Releh” in the song. The singer “Huntrez” who is also dancing in the video is looking very funny. The whole video is funny and sexy, especially when girls slap their bum. So have fun….


Mandira Bedi & her Saree
May 13th, 2007
I wonder what level one can go to get attention or to be in limelight. Flop actress and cricket commentator Mandira Bedi, while hosting a show on Set Max channel during the final of the World Cup Saturday, wore a sari that had the national flags of 16 participating countries printed on it. India's flag, however, found place near her knees, which allegedly violates the Flag Code. The controversial sari was designed for Mandira by Satya Paul especially for coverage of the World Cup. "I reckon if Satya Paul had taken some more pain in designing the saree, the Indian flag would have found top place on the saree." Gyan Prakash Kamra, a Jaipur resident, has accused Mandira of disrespecting the tricolour ...


"Dhotiwala" Spiderman – For Indian culture
May 11th, 2007
We talk about modern India and modern “soch-vichar”.  We go to cinemas to watch English movies and then we show-off among our friends that we know everything about Hollywood and Western culture. We talk, walk and eat like them and even copy their food; Italian, continental, burger, pizza, hotdog, pasta and god knows what more. We celebrate all festivals whether it belongs to our culture or not, but just b’coz it is celebrated in western countries we do it (Valentine day). We colour and style our hair, want to wear branded clothes and throw some western attitude at others. We make sure that our child speaks fluent English at the age of 3, infact the first word of the baby should be ...


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