Shilpa Shetty you are Right

April 16th, 2007










I totally agree with Shilpa Shetty
“This was not such a big thing for people to over-react in such a manner,” the actress told the Press Trust of India news agency. “I understand people’s sentiments, but I don’t want a foreigner to take bad memories from here. I understand this is his culture, not ours,” she added.

I mean you can clearly see in the pictures that there’s nothing wrong or no smooch going on.
But our great protesters don’t have anything to do and they are always waiting for some “bakra to halal” and finally they got one. Can somebody ask these peoples that don’t they go to the theatres and watch our other stars doing vulgar scenes. Infact the song “Bidi jalaeele” was specially hit in this kind of group of people.
These people enjoy when our heroines shed there clothes and show them some flesh. But on the name of Sabhayta and Sanskriti they want to pull down a poor Richard Gere who’s helping India from last 9 years in awareness of HIV.

“Give us a break, and let us live our way”, this is to the Protesters.

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  1. this is not a big issue for normal people . i will completely agree with you . but our politician & different several social group want a big issue for campaign.

  2. […] countless), but this time he brings Hollywood to his koffee with Karan studio. Yup! We will see the most controversial man at this moment in India “Richard Gere” on KWK (most probably this sunday). So hold your breath […]

  3. […] to pull her down and insult her by calling her an uncultured Indian, whereas its not her fault if she was kissed (on cheeks) by Richard Gere. Is she not already embarrassed enough by that kiss? We really are a […]


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