Shahrukh and I are related

May 25th, 2007

Remember big “Tu Tu Mein Mein” between Amar Singh and Shahrukh Khan. Yeah I loved it and would love shahrukh khan more for calling Amar Singh a “darindha”. I was just sick of seeing Amar Singh hanging to Amitabh Bachchan all the time and everywhere basically 24/7. But nothing changed, still Amar Singh is a pet dog to Amitabh Bachchan. I wonder what’s wrong with Amitabh’s brother or other family members, why can’t they company Amitabh instead of Amar Singh.

Anyway that’s not why I am writing this, it’s about the words Shahrukh Khan use to attack Amar Singh. If you remember he said “Mein Pathan ka bacha hu”, at that moment I thought what’s wrong with Shahrukh Khan why he is using such stupid childish words for a fight.

Well there’s a catch behind that, Shahrukh Khan’s father Taj Mohammed Khan was a freedom activist of Pathan background and Lateef Fatima (shahrukh mother), who was the daughter of Major General Shah Nawaz Khan of the Janjua Rajput clan, who served as a General in the Indian National Army of Subash Chandra Bose. Shahrukh Khan is a mix of Rajput and Pathan, no wonder why he is so aggressive and smart.

Actually the whole point of telling this story is that I am a Hindu Punjabi of Janjua Rajput clan. I remember when my mother told me that we belong to Janjua clan, I started laughing (I was very young) and thought she is just fooling with this funny word. Today I feel very proud to be a Junjua Rajput after being done research on my tribe.

I have never heard Shahrukh Khan talking about his background or his parents, not even in his biography. Shahrukh and I are blood buddies – Janjua!

More about Janjua Rajputs:
The Janjua Rajput tribe are a branch of the ancient Pandava dynasty through the Valiant warrior hero Prince Arjun Pandav, who is the ancestor of the Janjua. Raja Dhrupet Dev Janjua ruled Mathura state in about 1150AD, rule of Mathura ended in 1195AD when Qutb-ud-din Aybak, the general of the Ghorid army, attacked Mathura and exiled the ruling royal family.

First Conversion of Hindu Janjua to Muslim:
Famous Janjua Sardar Raja Ajmal Dev Janjua embraced Islam in the 12th century and rose to become the next rising force of the Janjua Rajput. He followed the Islamic tradition of change of name after conversion and was then known as Raja Mal Khan. He was among the first Muslim Rajputs recorded in Indian history. This conversion was done before the armies of Shahabudin Ghauri entered into the Indian Plateau to conquer whilst he was very young in his teens and inclined towards Islamic philosophy of the Sufis brought by the Dervishes of the Chistiya order.

Janjua Residence:
Janjuas are spread throughout Punjab both in India and Pakistan.
There are Sikh, Muslim and Hindu Janjuas, the majority of Muslim Janjuas are in Pakistan and serve in the Military of Pakistan in large numbers.
Raja Bhir descendants reside primarily in Malot Chakwal and Jhelum holding some sub branches, such as Ranial Rajputs and Dhamial in Rawalpindi.
Raja Jodh descendants inhabit mainly the Jhelum region although some sub branches were displaced during the Sikh Conquest, migrating to Malowal and Gujar Khan.
Raja Kala Khan descendants inhabit the Kahuta region of Rawalpindi exclusively, with some residence also in Gujar Khan also.
Raja Khakha Khan descendants reside in the lower Jhelum Valley of Kashmir in Muzafferabad and Kot Khakha regions.
Raja Tanwali/Tanoli descendants reside in Mansehra, Hazara with some sub branches in Rawalpindi.

The Sikh Janjua Rajputs are in abundance in Hoshiarpur (my birth place), Faridkot, Kapurthalla and Fatehghar Sahib of Indian regions of Haryana in Punjab. Labh Janjua, the famous Punjabi mainstream folk singer is a Sikh Rajput from Fateghar Sahib. The Hindu Janjua Rajputs reside in the Indian Punjab region also, with some movements also to Delhi.

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  1. hello my dear janjua brother, which part of the world are you from?
    well i am grand son of General Shahnawaz khan and Hail from Village Matore and decendent of Raja Kala Khan (Dada Pir Kala)

  2. Hi Sheetal!

    Are you from the UK? I am conducting some research into this illustrious tribe and am in need of some input from the Hindu Janjua Rajput side.


  3. Hi Sheetal, its nice to hear that u2 are from my family of Janjuas.

  4. Hi Sheetal,
    I understand that all Rohillas,be they Hindu or Muslim, are Janjua Rajputs.I am a Hindu Rohilla and believe that SRK is my tribe as much as he is your’s.
    However,I am finding it tough to convince my folks.I am trying to delve deep into our history.Will you or anyone out there help?
    ramesh rohilla

  5. Hi Ramesh. Unfortunately Rohillas are in no way related to Janjuas. Rohillas are a distinct tribe in their own right with some Afghan connections.

    SRK is not actually a Janjua Sheetal, his mother was adopted by a Janjua chieftain, Major General Shah Nawaz Khan. His name was later similarised for her son. Hope this clears some of the confusion here.

  6. Hi Sheer e Janjua,
    Thanx for the info.I got to know from the net that the Rohillas were the Shahi Hindu rulers of Afghanistan.The wikipedia informs that the Shahis were Janjuas.Some converted to Islam later on.So today, we have Hindu as well as Muslim Janjua Rajputs.Incidently,SRK is a Rohilla too,albeit, by adoption by Major General Shah Nawaz Khan , a Janjua chieftain as you inform.
    Can you or anyone comment please?

  7. hats incorrect. Rohillas were definitely not Hindu Shahi as the first dynasty was Turkic, 2nd was Brahmin whilst the 3rd was Janjua. There are many citations through research for this, however there isn’t any for the Rohilla that I have ever come across.

    You also naively put ”some” converted to Islam. No my friend, the majority of the Janjua Rajputs today are undoubtedly Muslim, whilst Hindu and Sikhs as 2nd and 3rd groups. The Muslim, Sikh and Hindu branches are all still well acquainted and the ties are still blue and warm, so we dont let communal fascism bull get in between of our brethren bonds. You under estimate us Janjuas lol.

    Shahrukh Khan is in no way a Rohilla and neither is there any evidence for this either.

  8. I also think your a little confused about Rohilla origins. Rohilla was a term referred to all Pashtun Highlanders of Afghanistan at one stage in history. The current Afghan tribe of Rohilla Pathans are in fact a sub tribe of the famous Yusufzai Pashtun tribe.

    It has been alluded (but to no proved effect) that they ”may” be related to the Rohillas of India, but this found no grounding and was rejected as quickly as it was mentioned.

    You mention on one Rohilla talk group that some converted to Islam out of the Rohillas but most didnt and ”rightly so”. Im afraid if your thinking that you are related to the Afghan Yusufzais, you are in for shocking surprise as I know many Yusufzai’s and their chiefs and they openly state that the Rohilla Pashtuns are just named as such, and bare no relation to you. Rohilla pathans also claim the same origin and disclaim your claim (which as stated above was disproven very early on)

    For more info see;

  9. I am a Janjua Rajput my name is Raja Atif Janjua my father garand father was in pakistani army and father was in police i recust for u oblise a janjua familes and show janjua cultur and roles in junjua comunity in this web.


  11. yeah u r rite man these indians will never going to accept it but ur rite bro
    he is no doubt related to janjua clan
    i have done a great research on janjua and rajputh clan
    ur rite

  12. Hi Sheer e Janjua,
    I thank you for you valued comments and appologise for being so late in responding.I donot know much, for sure,about us Hindu Rohillas.My comments are purely based on what I gather from various pleases me to know that the communal bull doesnt get in between the Janjuas.
    you may have seen on the Wiki link that there are a separate rohilla people who are Hindus.There isa book ‘History of Rohilla rajputs’ by Dr.K.C.sen.It was published somewhere in 1960s.The book is available on the net.It says we Hindu Rohillas have migrated from Roh region of Afghanistan.Thats why I conjectured that we may be related to the Pakhtunes.Incidently,I recently learnt from a Pakhtune on Orkut that they, the Pahktunes,have an admixture of many a Hindu tribes who later became Muslims.
    There is a region called Rohilkhand in India.In documented history,it was ruled by a Muslim Rohilla dynesty.Will you not agree with me that it couldnt have been established by Muslim Rohillas when Ahmed”s established place is Ahmedabad and not Ahmedkhand? Moreover the word Khand is a pure Sanskrit word meaning ‘part’.My point here is that it was established by hindu Rohillas,most ,rather almost all of whome, embaraced Islam.It is well documented that these Muslim Rohillas had migrated from Roh in Afghanistan.This made me ‘assume’ that I am a part of this community.
    I donot remember having mentioned anywhere that most Rohillas didnot convert to Islam ‘rightly so’.If I have,I ve sinned cause I am no one to decide what faith other ppl follow.
    I sincerely thank you for your comments and shall take em into reckoning in my understanding of the history of my ppl.I hope you will keep posting whatever you know on the topic.
    @Capt Rsja Fahad Parvez Janjua
    will you plz clarify what is it that the Indians donot accept?Who are you refering to as the undoubted janjua?

  13. Dear Kaptan Rsja Fahad Parvez Janjua saab, Aap baat baat par itni garmi kyon khate hain. I’m also a Rajput. From ”Pathania” clan . Earlier it was ”Tomar” but after vanquishing Pathans thrice in war at Kabul, ”Akbar” gave the ”Khitab” of ”Pathania”way back in 1645 A.D. This clan is centralised in District Hoshiarpur, Punjab (India). My point of butting in you great warriors ”Janjuas” is this only that you need acknowledge the fact that Muslim religion was imposed on one of your Raja (Mal Khan) & he was a hindu. No body has converted to Muslim religion voluntarily (Check over the net). So, the valour, courage & the greatness of ”Janjua” clan comes under great suspicion. Had your forefathers were so great then why did the give up there religion. We ”Pathanias” never got converted. Please comment!! without getting hurt or personal grudges. We are just discussing it no offence to anyone.

  14. Its nice to know that SRK has sooooooooo many relatives…. Well I just wanted to offer u all somethin…. I own Maj General Shahnawaz Khan’s autographs, personally given to a family member of mine. Now after seeing all of u so devoted to Janjua clan I guess u would luv to own a piece of yor own history, rite ?? well mail me at for yor offers

  15. Ramesh, please dont apologise bro, no offence taken. There was a user on another site who had a similar name to yours I guess and it really bugged me why he would make a generalisation on another persons faith.

    Indian culture is so rich, and the areas of migration bringing dufferent dynamics to ones identity is an intriguing study, and I would encourage you to read this up. But be very careful with colonial works because they are very biased and with a negative slant towards people. Ultimately they were written by racists and supremacists.

    Good luck in future with your research bro

  16. Ajit Pal Singh ji, thank you for your input. Unfortunately, your clan is alleged to have been named Pathani after conquering Pathankot, which apparently became the capital of the Nurpur Pathanias? Not sure where the Kabul connection came from. Incidentally Janjuas once ruled from Kabul to most of Punjab…

    As for one of our ancestors being forced to convert, it has been cited that he was a convert to Sufi Islam (Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh by Parvez Dewan, Manas Publications, 2004, p422) by many sources (Gulshan-e-Mohyali) both of which are external non Janjua publications. The fact that this occurred in an era where no Muslim Rulers exercised overlordship on, nor could they be offered monetary tax exemptions or benefits (such as were available during Mughal days) makes one appreciate the selflessness of the converts embrace of this faith of selfless love and spirituality.

    In truth, this conversion didn’t cement the conversion of the entire clan, and one can never prove anything 800years on. But what is interesting is the inference you make that a proud Rajput is not “allowed” to make a decision to embrace another faith he sees virtue in. I deduce Rajputs to be brave people, brave enough to appreciate a faith that enriched the culture of Hind through the divine Sufi missionaries who illuminated the lives of the poor and guided those who needed it. I am proud my ancestors saw past the petty peer pressures and stubborn loyalties to a faith that itself encourages spiritual growth (ie Hinduism) and accepted the Sufi call to Islam. History is evident that we Janjua were no less warlike after our conversions, we were more so!
    Infact, despite being co religionists with the Delhi Sultanate, we were always at war with them, to the extent their court writers (Amir Khusro no less) wrote poems eulogising how the “Delhi Badshah’s made the blood flow of Janjua that boats may glide in it”. My ancestors waged bloody rebellions with Muslim kings, not Islam. They embraced it and synthesised it within their own Rajput culture/tradition. We are not less with Islam, but MUCH MUCH more. Fact is, Islam for us is an amazing and great religion which we are very proud of and which has showed us, that if our kasab are neech, then we are neech. Even a Dalit (untouchable) deserves the respect of a human being and is our brother in Islam or our equal in humanity. We chose to take this bold step. Your clan evidently did not (infact, Pathanias are a sub branch of Tomars, of which many converted to Islam).
    We took on our communities petty peer pressure which always criticised people who left their faith, even in instances where the Rajputs converted out of genuine sheer conviction (please read Rulers of India, Lord Lawrence and the Reconstruction of India Under The Crown by Sir Charles Aitcheson, K.C.S.I., M.A., LL.D., Clarendon Press 1897,V p117). So then is it weakness to convert, or actually is it courage that is required to break away from caste bonds, community resentment and peer pressure? I say courage.

    No grudges or personal enmity here.

  17. Hello dear all JANJUAS,

    I belongs to janjua family ov matore, son ov ARSHAD MEHMOOD JANJUA & grand son CAPT FAZAL DAD KHAN JANJUA & decendent of DADA PEER KALA..

  18. hello every body
    today i am very glad and feel very happy to read the history of the janjua rajpot.
    And i feel proud for that i am also belong with the janjua family.
    and i am going to inform to all janjua who read these lines that as soon as i will launch a great web about janjua, their life , there culture ,their history and the way to make your life to show to the other people that you belong to a great family of janjua.
    if you have any information and any historical words of janjua, so plz inform me on my give below address.

  19. Shahrukh Khan’s mother was the adopted daughter of General Shahnawaz Khan and not his real daughter. Also, you are saying that Raja Ajmal Dev Janjua embraced Islam after getting impressed by its philosophy. I don’t think there is anything great in this as in those days conversions were forced and those who converted were looked down upon by other Rajputs. The only Rajputs who should be proud of themselves are the Sisodias of Mewar and nobody else. Rest of the Rajputs including those of Jaipur and Jodhpur were servants of the Mughals.

  20. Glad to run across this string about Janjuas. I wrote about General Shahnawaz Khan and other fellow Janjuas in my book Crossed Swords: Pakistan, its army, and the wars within (Oxford University Press 2008). This is now available in paperback in India and Pakistan and around the world. Would welcome more research-based information about the Janjua clan in India, especially about the reported links to the Chauhans.
    General Shahnawaz’s son served in his old regiment 5 Punjab (Sherdils) under my late brother Asif Nawaz, who became Chief of Army Staff 1991-93. I recall that his daughters were married in Pakistan. Matore has produced many soldiers and officers of great repute.

  21. We are all proud of Janjua’s contribution towards Pakistan Army. There are number of Janjua’s currently serving the country and in particular Paksitan Army on high ranking positions.

    No doubt Matore has produced many soldiers and Generals of great repute.

    So I believe this statement is true than “Janjua’s of Matore are Great”

  22. @ Sheer e Janjua,

    Many thanks for the encouragement and guidance.Hope to see you here often.


  24. There ve been lots of comments here…many ve said something or the other…it amuses me to see that the author is silent all this while….inspite of Farooq, the 1st commentator,soliciting his/her whereabouts….

  25. Salams Shuja Nawaz Saheb,

    I have links with the Jalalpur branch of Janjua’s, but I must inform you that Janjua Rajeh have absolutely no link whatsoever with the Chauhans. They are distinctly different from us and we share absolutely no history with them.
    Interestingly though a group known as Jangharia’s who also claim Arjunid lineage, whose name also sounds similar to Janjuas are also martially renowned (though not as famed as us according to Western or Classical Indian literature) are Tuar in lineage, as are we. Though we Janjua never emphasise our most ancient lineage as our current Janjua reputation Mashallah is more relevant and renowned.
    Kunal bhai, we fought and defeated Sesodias in their own turf in their own forts in a joint Mughal battle against them, so pardon us if we feel our Martial heritage to be exclusively superior to those we defeated.


  27. Sisodiyas are arguably the only rajput clan who never bent to the sultans or mughals inspite of overwhelming odds. Sisodiyas are suryavanshi rajputs through raja hamir of sisodiya village. The sisodiya clan never submitted to the mughals n therefore i reckon is greater than the janjua clans.

  28. Im a Rajput too ! 🙂
    But Shahrukh’s mother was adopted, no ?

  29. Don’t think so. Mir Shakti Singh Sesodia (ancestor of the Shektawat Sisiodia Rajputs) actually fought as a general under Mughal Akbar! The Sisodias were opportunistic and favour seeking from Emperors as any one else

    In fact, it was Janjuas under Rai Piraneh who fought the return of Mughal Humayun from Asia. Humayun’s army eventually after many days battle eventually defeated the Janjua maharaja and gave half his principalities to the loyal Gakhars and his army gained considerable wealth from the ransoming alone. It wasn’t until the overtures of Akbar than Janjuas sentiments were placated enough to rejoin this charismatic leader.

    It’s good to have love for your own Nasl, eg saying my Clan is great. But when you say ONLY my clan is great, or that they are superior, that’s wrong and history will show you up. Humility is a lesson the one God teaches Rajputs over and over again. We Janjua listened, which is why we flourished even in times pre and after Mughals and even today my friend 😉

  30. I liked the discussion about Janjuas. Any one has idea about the history of Akrand fort of Janjua dynasty situated at Khutakka (Soon Valley) District Khushab. The last ruler of this fort was Raja Tatar Khan who was killed by lashkar of Hari Singh Bhangi around 1760. I recently visited this fort and the old Kingdom of Raja Tatar Khan. The people of the village still remember his bravery, his grave is there too. Most of the Janjuas tribe has left this place and settled in Khattah (Khushab), Dhak Janjua, Jauharabad and Shahpur. I am interested to find soem historic references of the war of Raja Tatar Khan and Akrand Fort.

  31. hello

  32. Hi everybody my name is maryam razzaq janjua .my grand father hail from matchly, a village in gordaspur india.he was also a warrior in british army of subcontinent later in pakistan army after partition.. Any janjua who is nativ to gordaspur can tll me about my ancestors in matchly


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