Windows Live Folders Renamed to Skydrive

August 9th, 2007

The code name shuffle of Microsoft. Microsoft’s long-rumored online storage offering which has been in beta for a little while, has once again changed it name. Originally code-named Live Drive, it became Live Folders and today got its final name, Windows Live SkyDrive.

Microsoft’s Live strategy has always been confusing.  Live Vs not-Live in Microsoft’s array of online services is still not clear to me. Recently they changed the name of their next Windows operating system as well, originally code-named Windows Blackcomb, which became Vienna and now Windows 7.

There is also a significant update to the service, extending the basic functionality that was criticised somewhat at the start of the initial beta. New features include:

  • Drag and drop file upload (requires installation of activex control), making it easy to upload multiple files.

  • Navigational controls to move quickly beween files

  • A “recently viewed” section showing other users’ Skydrive folders you have browsed

  • Thumbnails view, already announced by the Skydrive team a few weeks ago.

  • The new Windows Live Wave 2 UI

  • The ability to embed files in a blog post or web page, allowing users to download them from your Skydrive.

Demo of Windows Live Skydrive



 The update is now out, check it out at 

Good news for those in the UK and Indian, you can now officially use this service.

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