Shashi Tharoor getting married to Sunanda

April 11th, 2010

Shashi Tharoor 54, might get lucky third time and settle, he has proposed marriage to Sunanda Pushkar, a girl from a Kashmiri family. Trained as a beautician, Sunanda runs a spa and has lived in Dubai.

The minister of state for external affairs is said to be undergoing a legal separation from his second wife Christa Giles, a Canadian civil servant who works with the United States on disarmament issues. Tharoor was earlier married to academic Tilottama Mukherji, whom he knew from his school days in Kolkata.

Wonder if he is marrying someone from cattle class?

Meanwhile Tharoor has declined to comment on the reports, urging the media to respect his privacy. "He will announce whatever, when he has something to announce,".

Hope he will announce his marriage on his twitter account!

Is Sunanda, The Sunanda Pushkar, stakeholder of 18% in IPL Kochi team?

Cattle class:
On his Twitter, Tharoor was asked: “Tell us minister, next time you travel to Kerala, will it be cattle class?”
His reply: “Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows.”
This reply created sparks in Congress and Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan had termed the phrase as "unacceptable" and said Tharoor was perhaps not conscious of local sensitivities since he was new to Indian politics.
Tharoor at that time was in Liberian on an official visit and tweets his concern over the issue:
“Learned belatedly of fuss over my tweet replying to journo’s query whether I would travel to Kerala in cattle class’. It’s a silly expression but means no disrespect to economy travellers, only to airlines for herding us in like cattle. Many have misunderstood," he tweeted.

He pointed out that the phrase "cattle class" was used in the query, which he just repeated.
He also explained that the word "holy cows" was not referring to any individuals. "Holy cows are NOT individuals but sacrosanct issues or principles that no one dares challenge. Wish critics would look it up."

The minister said that he had learnt a lesson from the episode. "I now realise I should not assume people will appreciate humour. You should not give those who would wilfully distort your words an opportunity to do so."

Besides, Tharoor also mentioned that he had excellent meetings with the Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and other dignitaries. He is the first minister in 38 years to visit the West African nation.

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  1. What on earth has Sania to do with Sunanta?The names start with the same alphabet.And what about Shoaib and Sasi Tharoor?Same is the case with them.
    It is seen that alphabets play a prominent role in activating love.
    For example,Charles and camilla(first letter c).Similar is the case with Diana and Dodi.
    Quite interestingly,some times first alphabet plays quite different role.
    Zia was Pak President when Zulfikkar Ali Bhutto was hanged.Gandhiji was assassinated by Godse.what about Jesus and Judas?
    Going back to much more older days-Krishna killed Kamsa and Rama Killed Ravana.
    Briefly,from the days of Rama to Sasi Tharoor,first alphabet of name has been playing a prominent role!!

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  3. Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar.
    It is seen that alphabets play a prominent role in activating love.
    For example,Charles and camilla(first letter c).Similar is the case with Diana and Dodi.Sania and Shoaib is anotherexample.
    Aishwarya and Abhishek is yet another example.
    The occult number of SHASHI THAROOR is 46 which adds up to 1.Sunday stands in symbolism to 1.Also,date 22-representing 4-is significant.
    Tharoor was born on March 9,1956.His birth number is 9.He is now 54 years old(5+4=9

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  5. whishing you luck for you new married life !


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