San Francisco Power Outage Shuts Down Major Websites

July 25th, 2007

Some of the Internet’s biggest websites went offline following power interruptions in San Francisco that disrupted operations at co-location facility 365 Main.

Netflix, Technorati, Craigslist, Typepad, Vox, LiveJournal , Yelp, Redenvelope  and lot others websites were all down yesterday. All of these websites are customers of 365 Main.

I was also unable to access my website through my broadband connection, but surprisingly the website was accessible through other broadband connections. When I contacted my ISP and explained the situation and provided the traceroute detail, Techsupport guy asked me to  do the following things.

  1. Change your MTU Settings
  2. Reboot Router
  3. Change DNS Server Settings

When I told him that the domain name is resolving correctly to IP Address and no need of changing DNS Server then he said, “if you know the issue why don’t you resolve it”. Frustrated by the reply I put the phone down and contacted my web hosting company.

Here is the response which I got from my webhosting company

It looks like the route to your site is going through a datacenter in San
Francisco which just had a major power outage effecting several sites:
You may want to contact your ISP to see if they can provide another
direct route to our service during this time.

It was too late at night, I didn’t bother to contact my ISP(also because I was frustrated by the reply of my ISP’s Techsupport guy) and went to the bed hoping that everything will become normal in the morning.

Thanks God, Everything looks normal now and I can access my website  

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