Samsung Wave Smartphone

February 15th, 2010

Here comes the Samsung Wave with open source operating system, Bada. Samsung Wave enters the market, where already Smartphone Operating Systems like Apple’s iPhone OS, Google’s Android, Symbian, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, RIM’s BlackBerry OS, Palm’s webOS and Nokia and Intel’s newly announced MeeGo are all competing for attention.

The Wave was unveiled in Barcelona on Sunday ahead of Mobile World Congress – the world’s largest mobile phone trade show which opened today. Samsung currently lies fifth in the smartphone market, behind HTC, with just 3% of the world market share. Wave is the first handset to run Samsung’s new open source operating system, Bada, and features an iPhone-style app store for downloading games, mapping, eBook and lifestyle applications.

Mark Mitchinson, vice president of Samsung Mobile UK, said:

We’re delighted and extremely excited about the launch of Samsung Wave – the first handset to run on the Samsung Bada platform and the first to feature a stunning Super AMOLED screen… the new Social Hub offers a life changing user experience.


The Samsung Wave features a hi-tech organic LED screen AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) which is thinner and more energy efficient than traditional LED displays. It also boats a 1Ghz processor, a five mega pixel camera, a 3.3 inch touchscreen capable of displaying 720p HD video and includes an ‘anti-smudge’ screen to reduce fingerprints.

The Samsung Wave UK launch date is in April, although no official price has yet been announced.

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