Sam Sethi TechCrunch Ex-Editor launches Blognation

July 9th, 2007


The former UK Editor of TechCrunch, Sam Sethi,  who left TechCrunch following the Loic Le Meur (Le Web 3) controversy has launched a new blog Blognation on 1st June 2007 after 8 months experiment with Vecosys. The blog has been started with a aim of “Go Big or Go Home”.

Blognation will cover Web 2.0 technology startups around the globe including, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Netherlands, Israel, Japan, China / Taiwan / Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, South America, all with the help of 16+ blognation editors. Blognation will not cover any startups based in USA, aka Silicon Valley, because there are already enough bloggers reporting on US.

Sam Sethi says,

Well I took the decision some weeks ago not to cover the USA, simply because there are already enough excellent blogs reporting on the start-up ecosystem over there and one more wouldn’t make the slightest difference.

According to the latest post of Blognation Germany and Italy launches, the Blognation is still in “pre Beta”(trial & test mode) phase. Blognation is going to launch Belgium, Japan and China on next week monday and then scheduled to rollout two or three countries each week throughout the summer. 

The TechCrunch UK website has been lying defunct ever since the departure of Sam, although Michael Arrington did promise on his post of 24th April 2007 that TechCrunch is aiming to relaunch the TechCrunch UK website on 1st June 2007

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