New Zealand Paul Henry Sorry to Sheila Dixit [Video]

October 7th, 2010

After watching the video, the first thing that came into my mind was what a Dickhead is a Paul Henry. In fact he made fun of himself because none of his co-anchors were supporting him in his stupid joke. They all looked stunned and wanted him to shut up.

Video shows New Zealand TV anchor Paul Henry is making fun of Sheila Dixit’s name. He intentionally and constantly kept calling Dixit, Dik-shit. And now he himself is in deep shit. India demands an apology.

The anchor Paul Henry, who had earlier made a racial slur against Indian-origin Governor-General of New Zealand Sir Anand Satyanand for which he was already suspended, had deliberately twisted Dikshit’s name to make fun of her.

Upset over this, external affairs minister S M Krishna today directed the ministry to convey India’s unhappiness over the conduct of the anchor to the High Commissioner Rupert Holborow. Halborow was summoned to the ministry and told that such remarks were unacceptable. On his part, the envoy is believed to have apologized and said he would convey the same to the Delhi chief minister.

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  1. Henry you are are Dickhead Asshole ……..

  2. he is really shameless and ill mannered.

  3. you probably can laugh about it for you see things around these two words only s, cause you live by those two words only SIr paul henry

  4. Henry have you think about your origin??? if not think…newzealanders & Aussies have origin of prisners & robberers , theft…then why you have such attidude & superiority?? complex.

  5. These aussies are bloody assholes they can not respect even their mom. So no wonder on this issue……..

  6. u fuckin moron….the only person who is “Dick-shit” is u…
    how much immoral person are u…and u say all such things bad about india….

  7. He must have been drunk… Drunkards shouldn’t be allowed at stages. He is junior Paul Henry, just passed his 6th standard…

  8. Henry aukat mai rahi

  9. Paul has proved himself to be a total insensitive idiot in regard to this dikshit saga, it rather reminds me of the days when I was aged 5 & at school where the kids often used to tease one another about their names….enough said eh.

  10. This asshole is a shit eater

  11. Look henry where ur right had laugh tht day but nw we hve last laugh.u mothrfuer:-

  12. Paul, Your face looks shit when you laugh!
    Make sure you wash your foul mouth.

  13. You are dust in front of her achievement !

  14. Its NZ not Auzzie .. and who cares why make such a big deal of this

  15. Also Paul Henry’s comments about what a New Zealander should look like amused me…hell I hope it’s not like him anyway, he looks like a chimpanzease wearing glasses.
    Well I’m also pleased he is not representative of all kiwis as for myself I’m an ordinary kiwi of European descent but love & appreciate the vibrant Indian culture…also very impressed with the commonwealth games despite a few problems along the way, so many local people worked their guts out to make these games succeed.

  16. Henry u should b ashamed of ur self !!!!!!!

  17. No doubt, he is a cheap and uncultured bastard. He is an idiot. I wonder how the NZTV had appointed such kind of stupid bastard as a host. He is really a stupid. He doesn’t know how to speak. He doesn’t know what to say and what not to say. Oh God, he was talking about dicks and shits on the Show. Oh what a big bastard he is. I think he loves dicks and shits very much and when it comes to sex he would not even leave his mother and children, he is such a sick bastard. Hey, look at this bastards face, his face looks like big shit. Apology is not enough. This kind of bastards should be severely punished.

  18. Henry is a cheap, uneducated, uncultured, insensitive bastard. He is a bldy motherfucker. Hey, look at this sick bastard, he looks like a chimpanzea wearing glasses.

  19. Paul Henry, the dickhead Asshole is mentally retarded. He lost his mental balance. He is a sick bastard. He is a shit eater. He can only eat shit and nothing else. Let him do that. He is of no use. Throw him out.

  20. Look at this idiots face, his face looks shit when he laugh. He is totally abnormal.

  21. Every time these people does something wrong & says sorry. the fact is they really dont mean it. Their comments or behaviour shows how uncultural tradition they have.

  22. You really are a piece of shit … never come to TV again

  23. Indian readers will be happy to know that Paul Henry has now been forced to resign from his TV job here in New Zealand, have also just heard a report that he may be suffering from from the medical condition ‘aspergers syndrome’ where sufferers apparently are totally insensitive to other peoples feelings & emotions…better watch out as we now have another guy by the name of Michael Laws who has apparently also made rascist remarks against our governor general who is also of Indian origin I’m pretty sure.


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