Launch Date Set For .asia Domain

July 19th, 2007

The Internet’s key oversight agency for domain names, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, approved the “.asia” domain. DotAsia Organization Ltd., an organization made up of groups that run domain names for China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries, will operate “.asia”. The organization has said it plans to restrict registrations to those in the region, which includes Australia. ICANN has defined 73 countries in the region which is listed below.

Any individual, business or organization based in Asia will now be able to apply for a website address ends with “.asia”

  1. The Initial round, which starts on 9th October 2007,  is limited to governments desiring geographical names such as “” and those with trademarks applied before March 16, 2004, and actively in use.
  2. The Second round will start on 13th November 2007 for the registrations of other trademarks and company names.
  3. The Landrush period begins in February 2008, when the .asia domain will be opened to the general public. Premium prices will apply during this period.
  4. The Go Live period starts on March 2008 when anyone meeting the DotAsia charter eligibility requirements may apply for any domain name on a first-come-first-served basis.

The detailed schedule can be found on DotAsia Organisation Launch Document.

The DotAsia Organisation, headquartered in Hong Kong, will receive all applications through authorized registrars. To discourage automated tools aimed at flooding the system on opening day, DotAsia will scrap the first-come, first-served model during the early registration period. Rather, all applications in a given round will be treated equally, with an auction held when two or more qualified applicants seek the same name. Fees are likely to vary depending on which registration company an applicant chooses to process the name on DotAsia’s behalf.

List of the 73 countries in the Asia / Australia / Pacific (AP) region as defined by ICANN
ae United Arab Emirates jo Jordan ph Philippines
af Afghanistan jp Japan pk Pakistan
am Armenia kg Kyrgyzstan ps Palestinian Territories
aq Antarctica kh Cambodia pw Palau
au Australia ki Kiribati qa Qatar
az Azerbaijan kp Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of sa Saudi Arabia
bd Bangladesh kr Korea, Republic of sb Solomon Islands
bh Bahrain kw Kuwait sg Singapore
bn Brunei Darussalam kz Kazakhstan sy Syrian Arab Republic
bt Bhutan la Lao People’s Democratic Republic th Thailand
cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands lb Lebanon tj Tajikistan
ck Cook Islands lk Sri Lanka tk Tokelau
cn China mh Marshall Islands tl Timor-Leste
cx Christmas Island mm Myanmar tm Turkmenistan
cy Cyprus mn Mongolia to Tonga
fj Fiji mo Macao tr Turkey
fm Micronesia, Federated States of mv Maldives tv Tuvalu
ge Georgia my Malaysia tw Taiwan
hk Hong Kong nf Norfolk Island uz Uzbekistan
hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands np Nepal vn Viet Nam
id Indonesia nr Nauru vu Vanuatu
il Israel nu Niue ws Samoa
in India nz New Zealand ye Yemen
iq Iraq om Oman  
ir Iran, Islamic Republic of pg Papua New Guinea  

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