Angry Birds flash mob on December 11 in Trafalgar Square

November 26th, 2010

Celebrating the first anniversary of Angry Birds as First Official Angry Birds Day on December 11 worldwide.

Angry Birds, one of the most successful mobile games in history, will have a day dedicated to itself. Thousands of fanatics are expected to attend the ‘Angry Birds day’. Flash mob meet-up in London’s Trafalgar Square, on December 11.

The official page recommends gathering at least five people to attend each meet-up, but states ‘it will be fun, easy, and enjoyable for Angry Birds fans of all ages’.

Given the size and centrality of Trafalgar Square, the rumour mill has been spinning out of control and many believe they will see the announcement of a console version of the iPhone favourite or possibly a version for another mobile platform – specifically the Windows Phone 7.

I want to go but then who will look after my kids?

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