Twenty20 Champs Gave Cold Shoulder to Saif Ali Khan

October 31st, 2007

Cricket has always been like a religion in India since we won 1983 World Cup. Dhoni and company who has recently won the Twenty20 World Cup Championship are riding high and at this stage you can’t expect them to cool their heels for the Bollywood Actors. Bollywood personalities are always known for being late on the sets but our loving Twenty20 Champs are not used to it.

Recently, at the shoot of a Royal Stag Liquor Ad Film, Saif Ali Khan who was a part of the Ad Film walked in almost four hours late.

This is what happened, which upset our cricketers:

Yuvraj Singh, M S Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh and Robin Uttapa reported on time (5.30 pm) to shoot for an ad film, for a premium liquor brand, on Monday. Saif, too, was an important part of the ad film. After a long wait for Saif, cricketers started shooting for their portions of the Ad.

At 9 pm, which was originally supposed to be pack-up time, Saif finally walked in. The angry cricketers refused to take notice of the star. No one bothered to speak with Saif. They continued to talk amongst themselves, almost as if Saif didn’t exist. This irritated Saif, as he is not used to go unnoticed.

Although they shot together, they did not interact at all. Dhoni and gang were having a good time together, but Saif wasn’t part of it. The shoot continued till 12.30 am. The cricketers were heard complaining that they were kept waiting for over three hours, that too, for no fault of theirs. They clearly said that it was Saif who was late. Saif then retaliated, he said “Main thode hi na jaan boojhkar let aaya hoon”. I am coming straight from another shoot which got delayed. This explanation did not pacify the cricketers and after pack-up, the T-20 gang left, still without uttering a word to Saif.

After all this drama, I am eagerly waiting for this Liquor Ad to be on screen!!

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