Nehru Cup International Football Tournament

August 29th, 2007


The Nehru Cup (International Football Tournament) was started in 1982 and was last held in 1997.The tournament was originally on the annual basis, later on held on biannual basis.

The tournament was shelved after 1997 due to lack of sponsorship and other matters. However it was revived in 2007 mainly due to persuasion by the current coach of Indian Football team Bob Houghton.

The tournament held during 2007 will be known as ONGC Nehru Cup.


Previous Winners of Nehru Cup
Years Venue Winners Runners-Up Score
1982 Kolkata Uruguay China 2-0
1983 Cochin Hungary China 2-1
1984 Kolkata Poland China 1-0
1985 Cochin Soviet Union Yugoslavia 2-1
1986 Kolkata Soviet Union China 1-0
1987 Calicut Soviet Union Bulgaria 2-0
1988 Siliguri Soviet Union Poland 2-0
1989 Margao, Goa Hungary Soviet Union 2-1
1991 Thiruvananthapuram Romania Hungary 3-1
1993 Madras North Korea Romania 2-0
1995 Kolkata Iraq Russia 1-0
1997 Kochi Iraq Uzbekistan 3-1

Participants of Previous Nehru Cup Tournament

1982 – Uruguay, China, South Korea, Italy, Yugoslavia, India
1983 – China, Cameroon, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Iran, India
1984 – Hungary, China, Poland , Argentina, Romania, India
1985 – Iran, China, Morroco , USSR, South Korea, Algeria, Yugoslavia, India
1986 – East Germany, USSR, South Korea, Peru, China, India
1987 – Bulgeria, Denmark, China, Syria , East Germany, USSR, Nigeria, India
1988 – USSR, Poland, Hungary, China, Bulgeria, India
1989 – Iraq, North Korea, USSR, Hungary, Poland, India
1991 – Romania, USSR, Zambia, Hungary, China, India
1993 – Bolivia, Romania, Russia, North Korea, Finland, Cameroon, India
1995 – Iraq, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekisthan, India
1997 – Iraq, China, Ghana, Uzbekisthan, India
2007 – Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India

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  2. pls how can a team in NIGERIA AFRICA be part of the NEHRU CUP IN 2009, pls we want to be part of this great tournaments ,, pls link us to organisers ok thanks
    tm VINCENT


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