Meena Barot, the Olympic 2008 torchbearer

July 13th, 2008

Remember this post!

Yes! Our Meena Barot (36) made it through online votes. She was selected to carry the torch on Monday, July 7 in the Chinese city of Lanzhou in Gansu. Just a day before the relay, Barot received instructions along with the 296 runners who were to run on the day. Barot was the eleventh runner in the relay. The torchbearers were allowed to keep the torches that they ran with.

She shared her experience:

I did not feel the weight of the torch at all; all the enthusiasm and excitement made it feel light. As I held the torch, I saw the crowd on both sides of the road. I hadn’t experienced the thrill of the moment that went down my spine. The decibel level of the cheering was through the roof.

Post torch relay, Barot was invited to visit the Indian embassy in Beijing, where she met the ambassador Nirupama Rao and all the embassy staff, thrilled to see her with the torch.

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  1. hai meena all the best for u r future

    best regards.


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