Kevin Pietersen is a Male Chauvinist Pig – Diana Edulji

March 20th, 2010

England’s Kevin Pietersen playing for Royal Challengers in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) is under attack from our bold and beautiful cricket Ladies.

Former Indian cricketer Diana Edulji called him a MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig). Diana also said that Kevin had obviously not seen the way the English girls play and termed him a "snooty character". She added "There is a lot of aggression when women play, there is sledging especially when we play England and Australia.

Why he’s a Pig…? He said ‘it’s a man’s game, not a game for girls’…referring to cricket. His statement didn’t go down well with our women cricketers.

Kevin was defending England’s aggressive approach in the first Test against Bangladesh, by claiming that cricket is a man’s game. Graeme Swann became the first England off spinner to take ten wickets in a Test since Jim Laker in 1956, but his achievement was laced with controversy after his gratuitous outburst against Junaid Siddique. The Bangladeshi batsman completed his maiden Test hundred before Swann struck to swing the match in England’s favour. But on dismissing Siddique, Swann raised his middle finger and roared "fuck off", he later apologised for his behaviour.

Stuart Broad also attracted censure for racing the full length of the pitch in a successful search of an lbw decision against Abdur Razzak.

However supporting the foul actions of his players, Pietersen was adamant that England must continue to stand up for themselves. "It’s a man’s game this, it’s not a game for girls – especially when you’re playing Test match cricket," he said. "I was christened in international cricket and believe me I got a lot worse in my first Ashes series against those Australians than anything we’ve chucked at the Bangladeshis out here.

Now can somebody please remind Kevin that, the England’s women’s team won the Women’s World Cup in 2009.

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    I think we need to be really wary of pre-judging Pietersen on the basis of a single brief remark reported on tv; and it seems to me he is obviously being completely unfairly represented here. No doubt if people heard of the remark second-hand and without knowing more about Pietersen and what he thinks, that might explain the condemnatory reaction from someone like Diana Edulji, but there are gaping problems in not looking beneath the surface here and one is misrepresenting the man. Pietersen often comes over as the good guy; one obvious problem to calling him an MCP on the basis of this comment is that he was talking about test cricket ‘not being for girls’ – so what he was actually talking about was the way Test cricket is for adult, not children; he was not making a comment intended to reflect ideas about gender. Pietersen regularly comes over as a good guy, and I am sure he would equally say that Test cricket is not for young boys. He was just saying that you need to be tough for Test cricket, in the way that adults are. Reading more out of a single brief comment is in fact absurd (though you can understand why people might react if they don’t know the full details of the context…) and we need to beware this. I have no doubt that if someone actually asked Pietersen, he would applaud the adult women’s achievements and ambitions in cricket – just as he would applaud the men’s achievements. He is an all-round good guy and we shouldn’t confuse him with the old-fashioned breed of MCPs you still find around the place.

  2. You may be right that he is not MCP but I have often find him very arrogant. If you are a public figure then you have to be very careful before you say anything.


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