Jose Mourinho Quits Chelsea FC

September 20th, 2007

Jose Mourinho resigns as Chelsea manager. The Club has confirmed the reports and made an official statement on its website at around 2 am.

The Chelsea statement says, “Chelsea Football Club and José Mourinho have agreed to part company today (Thursday) by mutual consent”.

Mourinho’s departure will definitely send shockwaves through English football, although people were expecting him to leave Chelsea this summer.

According to different sources,

Mourinho sent text messages to John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba wishing each of them “good luck in the rest of your career” and saying that he was leaving the club this morning.

The former Porto Manager, who joined Chelsea in the summer of 2004, led them to the Premiership title in both of his first two seasons. He had had a patchy relationship with Roman Abramovich last season.The Russian billionaire was unhappy with the Chelsea’s defensive approach and with Manchester United reclaiming the Premier League Cup last season.

Pressure had already been mounting on Mourinho after failing to win the UEFA Champions League and not so good start to this season’s Premiership campaign – draw at Liverpool, losing at Aston Villa and then again draw at Blackburn last Saturday. Chelsea is currently at fifth position in Premier League. The final kick seems to have come on Tuesday when Chelsea drew with Rosenborg in the Champions League. Mourinho is reported to have held crisis talks with furious owner Roman Abramovich following the Blues’ dismal 1-1 home draw. 

Mourinho has always claimed he would never walk out on Chelsea, but it looks like he has finally had enough, perhaps in the knowledge he was on the verge of being pushed.

Jose Mourinho is Chelsea’s most successful manager and was voted as “Premiership Manager of the Year” in 2005 and 2006. Since he joined the club just over 3 years ago, Chelsea haven’t lost a single home match in the Premiership and have only lost 10 league games and 23 games in all competitions.

Jose Mourinho is known for making absurd comments. Some are :

“You know, omelettes, eggs? If you have no eggs, you have no omelette. And it depends upon the the quality of the eggs. In the supermarket you have Class One, Two and Three eggs. Some are more expensive and make better omelettes. So when Class One eggs are in Waitrose and you cannot go there, you have a problem.”

“Young players are a little bit like melons. Only when you open and taste the melon are you 100 percent sure that the melon is good.Sometimes you have beautiful melons but they don’t taste very good and some other melons are a bit ugly and when you open them, the taste is fantastic.”

Jose on Arsene Wenger “I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur. He likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, have a big telescope to see what happens in other families. He speaks, speaks, speaks about Chelsea.”

Update : 20-09-2007 02:00 pm GMT

Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho expected to receive up to £25m in compensation after his departure from Stamford Bridge.

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  1. Lets not forget chelsea went 50 years without winning the premiership until mourinho arrived! This team was nothing before him, and he didnt have much luck with injuries so far this year, his best players are all sidelined! Abramovich shouldve just kept his mouth shut for a few months….Good luck Jose…Your the best!

  2. Abramovich just lost his greatest asset.. it was good money thrown away… I may have hated mourinho.. but I respected him alot.. I hope he wins the champion’s league again… and on the way by defeating chelsea..

    This is my moguls should never have a say on running the club..

  3. Bit of a shock to wake up to! You’d think, given Mourinho’s record, that a chairman would show some faith and let the man do his job. No coincidence that the most consistent teams in EPL (Man Utd, Arsenal) have long-standing managers who are allowed to do just that!

    Abramovich would do well to wake up and see what a succession of managers in a short space of time can do to a club. (Saints are a case in point!) Prospective new managers need to decide how much control of team affairs they are prepared to relinquish to the Board of Directors.

    The Premiership, especially Chelsea, will be poorer for the loss of a great character with an impressive record. So long Jose… we are going to miss you!!

  4. Sad.

    I’ve never really been a fan of soccer until this guy Jose Mourinho showed up in 2004, because he was a SPECIAL ONE”. What a pity to lose him. I believe he ignited a lot of interest in soccer, and the EPL or FA cup. Looks like there are some people like me won’t give a damm about EPL or FA cup anyone. Just like Golf, not many care about golf until Tiger Woods appeared.

    Sad. That’s the word.

  5. […]Jose Mourinho resigns as Chelsea manager. The Club has confirmed the reports and made an official statement on its website at around 2 am. The Chelsea statement says, “Chelsea Football Club and José Mourinho have agreed to part company today (Thursday) by mutual consent”. […]

  6. Mourinhno was a great manager .Some big clubs like Real Madrid was after him as well . Its a big loss to chelsea .
    I dont think Chelsea will be able to match Man u Arsenal and liverpool now . It was his tacticts which led chelsea to be a power house . Abramovic UEAFA can be won by magic. He signed Ballack and Shevchenko but mourinho didnt wanted them . They were big failures and abramovic blamed Mourinho for his money lost . He will lose more money now .
    And both times beaten by liverpool .It was luck rather than tactics .One year Luis garcia goal cost Chelsea which was not a goal by any mean as it didnt crosed the line .And second time penalties .

  7. I can not inagine the barclays english premiership without jose. Surely, we are going to miss the flavour he had added to to the league.
    anyway, good luck Jose

  8. One thing you cannot take from Jose Mourinho is his tactical ability in the field of play. This is a guy that came into the EPL with a lot of magic; winning all the trophies in England within a short while. Imagine what he will do if he spends the kind of time Sir Ferguson or Wenger have spent with Man U and Arsenal respectivley. I wonder what Abramovich would achieve in changing managers in a space of three short years. Money is not everything, but I agree to an extent that it can motivate all the way. Ability can be influenced by money, but can better be influenced by personality, just like what Jose has got. It is no wonder why the fans of CHELSEA FC keeps growing in this football – mad country called Nigeria. Majority of the fans of CHELSEA FC in Nigeria are attracted by the stylish football display of the club with the kind of mien attributed to Mourinho with his characteristic attitude outside the field of play. I will always be your fan, no matter where you find your nest, SPECIAL ONE! So long, so cool, my Oga!

  9. Oh! What a loss to CHELSEA FC of England. Why would anyone want to be rude to JOSE MOURINHO? He was indeed a SPECIAL ONE. Imagine what the EPL would be if Mourinho had not arrived. SIr Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, and a host of other coaches have in the past made their opinions known that the EPL would not today have become the strongest and most contended league in the world if not for the inclusion of Mourinho. He brought the desired change to the face of English football, of which the height was last season’s UEFA where three EPL clubs reached the semi-finals. That you must agree with me. I would always say this, if Mourinho had not come to CHELSEA FC of ENGLAND, Roman Aramovich’s billion would not have yielded any fruit. If the UEFA Champion’s league is his target, what do we say of ARSENAL who never won any trophy last season? Abramovich’s down is near, except he recalls the SPECIAL ONE, or recruits one who will adopt Jose’s tactical approach to the game called football. To all CHELSEA FC fans in Nigeria, I say, follow your heat where Mourinho lays his mat. Adios!

  10. […] campaign based upon recent egg-related comments by Jose Mourinho, the football manager whose shock departure from Chelsea was revealed last night. The press advertisement is created by integrated agency […]

  11. hi Jose Mourinho, you have work hard to see that chelsea move forworld, i just want to say thanx from the bortom of my heart and may the god you worship bring your whish to you in jesus name i pray AMEN;THANK YOU Jose?


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