David Beckham’s Lego TajMahal

July 23rd, 2010

David Beckham’s confession on the Jonathan Ross show on July 16 had done fireworks for Lego Group. David confessed that during his injury he spent his spare time in Italy constructing a 5,922-piece replica of the famed 17th century mausoleum, TajMahal.

Lego’s Taj Mahal model replica is considered the biggest and one of the most advanced models developed by the Lego Group to date. The Lego Taj Mahal sale has increased by 663 per cent in one day after it was name checked by the footballer.

This model, targetted to the advanced Lego builder, is only available for purchase via its online store, which is where international football sensation David Beckham picked up his.
In a recent live webchat with fans, Beckham expressed his love for the building blocks saying, "If I was not a footballer I would love to be a Lego model builder."

Grateful execs at the company have invited Beck, Posh and the kids to visit them at their HQ in Billund, Denmark.

A spokesman was reported as saying: "David and the boys are big fans and we are always open to new ideas from people passionate about Lego. We hope they take us up on our invitation."

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