Cristiano Ronaldo’s son from ‘British teen’

August 17th, 2010

Since the time soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he had a son minus marriage, it’s been a task for the media to find the mysterious lady who gave birth to Ronaldo’s son. Cristiano Ronaldo has named his new-born son after himself.


She is a 19-year-old student from London who now lives in the US, according to Nereida Gallardo, a former girlfriend of the footballer.

Speaking on Spanish TV, the 25-year-old Nereida Gallardo a model said the girl contacted her via Facebook and said she was pregnant with the Real Madrid player’s baby, months before Ronaldo revealed he was a father.

Miss Gallardo, who also dated the former Manchester United star for eight months in 2008, did not name the mystery woman but told the daytime TV show:
‘I cannot say 100 per cent what she told me is true but she did contact me several months before it became public knowledge that Cristiano was a dad.’

Miss Gallardo also alleged that the teenager had signed an agreement to never reveal that she was the mother.

Gallardo said it would not surprise her if Ronaldo had become a father during a one night stand as he never liked to use condoms.

A spokeswoman for Ronaldo declined to comment on the latest claims.

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