Goodluck Shastri

April 11th, 2007

My endeavour is to see a happy Indian team,” Shastri told CNN-IBN.

“Watching India playing in the last three to four months just gave me the impression that they were doing a nine-to-five desk job.

“They had huge weight and expectations on their shoulders. What I want to tell them is that this is sport and they should go out there and enjoy it.”

Come on Shastri you can talk better! Show some more support to the Indian cricket team, they really need it. I don’t know what to say about Shastri being a captain but lets hope that he brings some Good luck to the team and a tight slap to Chapel (yeah that’s how much I hate him) for putting Indian cricket and India down.

Some times I think that Chapel was more loyal to his country instead of Indian cricket team. He made everything very easy for Australian team to win this year again. He’s got a very high maintenance and a very big nose with a stupid attitude on it. Anyway now that he’s done the damage lets just throw him out of the country and be happy.

Shastri I support you because I want to see Indian cricket team back in action and want to see that lovely smile back on Sachin’s face.

Come on boys you can do it!

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