Australians are Champions

April 29th, 2007

The day India was out of World cup, I lost my interest in it. But, when I saw Sri Lanka coming to the final against Australian I was very happy. I thought, if not us, let it be Sri Lanka. To support Sri Lanka I went to my friend’s pub “Ashbar” to see the big match on big screen with all my other friends. Trust me, the pub was packed. Asians were there to cheer for Sri Lanka and if you believe me each and every Indian were supporting Sri Lanka. I wanted them to win, but somewhere in the corner of my heart I knew Australia is going to make hat trick this time. Some people say that Australians are lucky, but I reckon it’s their hard-work and confidence that gives them extra edge and makes them extra special or we can say that they are very good in kicking Asian ass.

Let me tell you how:-

  1. Australia won against Pakistan in 1999
  2. Australia won against India in 2003
  3. They did it again against Sri Lanka this year
    This is my guess for 2011, Australia against Bangladesh & they will win it again

Jayawardene is right in saying,

I think they always keep improving. A lot of teams have competed really well against Australia in the past, but maybe when they come to a big tournament they seem to have that little bit of extra.

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  1. australia is the best team in the does not matter
    they losses one or two matches.they are world champion.they will win the upcoming series against india.

  2. How much the team of other country try to beat australia but can’t make it till bottom too Coz Cricekt is only for Australia whether all legends be retired.Punter has a enough guts to beat the world in cricket.He is enought in Australia team to handle all i nthe world.


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