Tips for looking trendy in Monsoon

June 6th, 2007

Forget leather or boring plastic for the season, both bags and shoes. Opt for rainproof plastic bags that are available in funky colours. If you think rainy shoes available in the Indian market lack style, opt for all-weather styles that are available at brands like Woodlands.

Go for long-lasting lipsticks, instead of lip glosses. There are options available in the market, and go by the name non-transferable or colour stay lipsticks.

Lock away your jeans, since denim is not a rain-friendly fabric. It gets terribly heavy when wet, and takes ages to dry. Opt for light cottons. Capris and cut offs are better than full length trousers.

Wash your hair every alternate day, since it tends to get sticky and limp when exposed to the rain.

Keep your hair tied, rather than leave it loose. A neat ponytail (if your hair’s not longer than shoulder length), if it’s long quirky plait will work well. Better still, go for a trendy, short haircut or layers.

Forget foundation, since the humidity will only leave your face oily. If you must use a base before you wear make-up, dust some loose powder over you face.

TIPS to protect clothes in the rains:

  1. Scatter neem leaves between your clothes. They are available at all veggie markets, and work wonders in keeping mould and creepy crawlies at bay.
  2. Silica gel packets can be placed inside shoes, and on cupboard shelves. Silica gel helps keep moisture away.
  3. Store cardigans and woollens in large ziplock bags.
  4. Do you have tips to share?

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