Taj Mahal and Seven Wonders of World

July 5th, 2007

Wah Taj! For me Taj Mahal was always on the list of seven wonders of the world. But now when we have got chance to make it official and put Taj at higher number on the list of 7 wonders of the world than why lose this opportunity. Please make sure we all vote for the pride of our country “Taj Mahal”.

As voting enters its last day on Friday, here is some good news for those who want the Taj on the list, the percentage of votes cast by Indians has gradually climbed from just 0.8 per cent on May 23 to 13 per cent as on Thursday. Its present standing in the race is, however, unknown.

Organisers of the ‘Vote for Taj’ campaign say the increase in percentage of voters is a good sign but “much will depend on how people from other countries have voted”. “We are hoping foreigners have also voted for the Taj. With no ratings available now, we don’t know how the Taj is faring. Another aspect in favour of the Taj is that multiple voting is allowed,” says Bharat Kapadia, executive director of I Media Corporation Limited, the company running the campaign.

On 7/7/7, the world will get its new seven wonders. Millions across the globe are expected to have voted online or on phone till July 6 to select them from a list of 21. The campaign to replace the old wonders of the world — of which only the pyramids of Egypt remain — is being run by a privately funded organisation from Zurich in Switzerland, the New7Wonders Foundation (N7W).
The announcement ceremony will be held in Lisbon on Saturday evening. Due to the time difference, India will only get to know early on Sunday. The list will be in alphabetical order, so even if the Taj is on it, Indians will be the last to know.

Cast your vote

Fingers crossed!

Lets hope Bipasha Basu bring us some good-luck by hosting the global show for the New Seven Wonders of the World on 7th July at the Benfica Stadium in London. She will co-host the show along with Oscar winners Ben Kingsley and Hillary Swank to announce the New Wonders which have been selected by global voting for the first time ever. The global event will have performances from pop diva Jennifer Lopez, Spanish Ballet Dancer Joaquin Cortes, American Singer Chaka Khan and Italian singer Alessandro Safina among others.

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