Shaadi or

July 4th, 2007 such a beautiful name, website and meaningful ads……cause it’s Indian.…….OK name but stupid2 adverts. Adverts of on TV make me sick and I feel like throwing up. They guarantee to find a match for you within 6 months…….If not, the next 6 months free. They sound very desperate and so are their characters in adverts.

You decide…..

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  1. Shaadi is no more relevent word for coming generations. Shaadi has lost it’s emotional touch. New word is MadhurSangam. Even Google and Bing recognise that. If you search / ask google “Shaadi or MadhurSangam?” you will get the answer.

    MadhurSangam is hitting on the head of the nail by sating ” Shaadi nahi Madhur Sangam Kahiye” . very cool!


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