Saif and Kareena together

October 19th, 2007

“Not shouting from the roof top, but yes we are together” – This is what exactly Saif said about him and Kareena. Mind you, He didn’t say “We are in Love”.

Look at them, don’t they look like a couple completely lost in love. I was bit sceptical about Saif and Kareena’s relation before but now I think Kareena had done right thing by getting into this relation. She looks much happier and having fun, spotted more in public and nightclubs.


She was definitely missing all this fun and attention with Shahid Kapoor. As Shahid Kapoor had himself confessed on “KWK” how she had to watch serials, while he takes a nap. No night life and no friend circle must have pushed Kareena towards Saif. And who can resist that naughty smile of Saif. So what if Kareena fell for his charms, what’s the bloody big deal about it? Anyone would!!!

For Shahid I must say this is what happens when you start taking a relation for granted. Shahid dear, no matter how long you are into a relationship, you still have to keep it fresh and going. And a chirpy girlfriend like Kareena, you have to be on your toes all the time. So having learnt your lesson, don’t let this happen to you, again. Now day’s people don’t bother about breaking a long marriage, yours is still a three year old love.

Saif and Kareena are everyday spotted having fun and they love all the attention they are getting. Few days back they were in Delhi hosted by didi Karisma and her hubby Sunjay Kapoor. All of them, including friend Amrita Arora and her boyfriend Usman Afzal had fun. In a mood to party, after dinner, they landed up in Kuki, the trendy bar in Greater Kailash 2. In the VIP lounge of the night club the group popped a bottle of Champagne and began to loosen up. Kareena hit the dance floor and as she cavorted around when someone played Yeh mera dil pyaar ka diwana… number from Don which lit her up some more.

At one point Kareena and Saif hugged and an HT photographer captured them in his lens. Kareena, who noticed him doing so, walked over and grabbed his camera. Saif and Usman then deleted the pictures and handed back the camera to the helpless photographer. On their way out the imperious Kareena could not help gloating to the photographer about their shameful bullying.

Saare photos delete ho gaye na? Please delete kar dena aur mein next jab Delhi mein hoongi, aapko exclusive pictures doongi,” she said. Sounding bit drunk, Na!

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor were also spotted at JW Marriot taking a cool dip into the water. The pool closes at 10 pm but was kept open for these two pretty cosy swim champs till way past midnight.

Well! All the very best to Kareena, hope you are the one to pin down “Awara Nawaab”.

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  1. […] “Not shouting from the roof top, but yes we are together” – Saif […]

  2. ok good

  3. out of all the people i can’t believe kareena left shahid for a man that was married had kids and has an italian girlfriend.
    shahid deserves better

  4. she needs a man and saif is that man

  5. I would like both of them to break up. I want Kareen Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor to be together 4 ever.

  6. fil stars dont really take life and relationships seriously. all they want is to have fun and that is what Kareen is doing before with Shahid and now with Saif. she probebly trying different men.

  7. kareena is a bitch she shouldn’t leave shahid…..shahid is like wayy better than saif

  8. shahid will surely find a better girl than kareena…..n kareena will be left alone as i think saif is going to ditch her…as he ditched liek so many girls

  9. i want to send kareena that why she liftet shahid because he is a good person with a good personality

  10. saif is nice n he is sensible. he may hve kidz n b divorced but he is nice. SHAHID is 100 timez bttr but in dis situation de bad guy is kareena who thnkz she is purfect wen she dusnt car bout shahid. but saif n kareena luk btr 2gethr n i must say dat shahid is sad but is also hapy 4 kareena. he sed dis himself on da **********.pageoshahid/ do visit dis site many insidez of y thins hppnd r der!!!

  11. saif bhai zra carefulllllllllll in india 25 lakh people are AIDS affected just bcoz of datttttttttt and kareena u 22222222222222222

  12. PPL PLZ REED DIS ITZ 4 UR SAKE! shahid n kareena , saif n kareena!!! y do v ol car sooooo much bout em! dey hve a life n dey dun ruin it admirin us n buttin in 2 r life………de ppl hoo read dis n rite alot of messagez r stupid!!! or jus bord coz dey dun gota life!!! so ppl relax n live ur life with sum1 nt thinkin of sum1 soooo outa ur reech!!!

  13. shahid,it got amrita[wonderful lovers].

  14. kareena and shahid are the best couples
    kareena and saif not so good

    shahid is the one who knows you most
    break up with saif and go to shahid and be happy as you where

  15. i like shaid one day will be come saif will be leave kareena

  16. ths is true tht shahid nd kareena both look gud but its kareena life.she hve a right to choose a guy.

    nd u knw kareena i m ur big fan in the world u r soooo. sweet

  17. kareena being as a gud actrss shouldnt do like tis shahid is a gud guy she missed a gud person

  18. kareena i think u are the world’s unlucky girl.may god bless you.

  19. kareena i like u so much your eyes are so beautiful…but i don’t like saif kyuki woh tumhare samne baacha lagta hain…i also don’t like shahid he is also like a saif you u baccha. u need a perfect man like akshay,ajay ya phir abhishek..but afsos they all are need not baccha type boyfriend…so please you have a time change your life partner..advice to u

  20. kareena you surely missed your luck.


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