Richa Adhia – Miss Tanzania 2007

September 16th, 2007


I know, the news is very old, but it definitely worth sharing with Sheetudeep readers. Richa Adhia (Indian origin) was announced Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2007 on 1st of September, drawing mixed reactions from the audiences as some cheered, while others muttered words of disapproval.

She received the crown together with a brand new RAV 4 car worth 45m local currency with 8m cheque. Richa, who was dressed in white long dress, was asked about her favourite colour to which she responded ‘white’, explaining that the colour symbolized peace and cleanness for her.

Members of the jury were Agbani Darego (chairperson), Prashanti Patel, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe, Irene Madeje, Sophia Dianaku, Salum Kombo, Leons Mtauna, David Minja, Christian Masiaga and coordinator of the judges, Ramesh Shah.

Last year in 2006, She participated in “Beauty Queens of Tanzania” which is under Maria Sarungi Tsehai and won the Miss Earth Tanzania title which was held in August. She later represented Tanzania at the Miss Earth Pageant in Philippines and managed to get to the top five best in bikini in the first category.

Check for her interview. Here is the Google Cached Copy, if the link doesn’t work.

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  1. who made her miss Tanzania? were people blind, the girl is not wearing any makeup and not looking very beautiful. and the question asked to her was also very stupid.

  2. I know and have seen Richa (Miss Tanzania 2007) on Sundays and i must admit she s gorgeous. Good on her to win! to start with, she has very beautiful toes. Just look at them and see. Interesting enough is that i almost told her about her feet but was so embarassed.

    I love her feet.


  4. Richa is really beautiful, excellent legline, beautiful eyes, lovely smile, articulated answers, and deer-like walk and well-balanced slim body. What more do we need.

  5. Who made her Miss Tanzania?? Wow, you’re smart. Check out the panel of judges. CLEARLY she was elected Miss Tanzania by Tanzanians. The girl is not wearing much makeup because she doesn’t need it. If you have a problem with her representing Tanzania, maybe you should enter the beauty pageant next year? Oh, and don’t forget to wear your makeup (mask). I’m sure you’re going to need it.

    GO RICHA!!

  6. Hey my fellow Tanzanians we shud now change!! hii sio age ya kuangalia huyu mweusi huyu mweupe huyu wa kijani. What we need is someone who can represent our country well in the international arena…. nani hajui kama marekani ni chimbuko la talents na wenye talents sio wazawa? lets change our mindsets, lets focus on truth and not colours of our bodies…
    Mimi ni mtanzania halisi nakutakia mafanikio Richa..

    Bravo lucky gal…

  7. ummm i think she is very ugly her nose is wayy to big… i think that Miss tanzania should embody what a REAL Tanzanian looks like someone whose ancestors are tanzanian not indian. go to ur pooor country in india and be miss india… she probably did that and was toooo ugly because a lot of indian girls are beautiful… she is just soooo ugly. if ur indian or arabic or anything other than black get OUT of my country and plz dont come back.

  8. She is INDIAN.

    She is not african, not black and not a true Tanzanian.

    No black person born in INDIA would ever be considered anything but an animal, and a foriegn one.

    All you who say how ‘beautiful’ she is are just obsessed with european ideas of beauty.

    She only won because the judges were paid off, but that is only my personal belief.

    When will black people stop worshiping those who look nothing like us?

  9. Rehema,
    I just read your comment!

    I totally agree.

    You will always find foreigners whereever black people are. They like making money off us and they like to be in positions of power over us, but they don’t like mixing with us.

    They should all just go and leave us alone.

  10. Jamani she s so beautiful , she was born and brought up here sasa what else do u want , does colour even matter? as long as she can represent tanzania at the world stage. wananchi lets start thinking at a global level , its no more the era of us discriminating between wahindi and waarabu , every tanzanian is equal.

  11. RICHA is one of the most BEAUTIFUL TANZANIAN girls i have ever seen. She has a good personality and she deserved to win and thats why she WON. All u people who are writing against her are just jelous. But anyway she has WON and u guys can do nothing about it. I am Kenyan and i support her and always will. Well Done Richa, U ARE THE BEST. MO.

  12. Richa..i saw u last sunday..i love ur toes..can i massage and hold ur toes?? PLEASE?? I love ur bare feet.

  13. Hi Richa,

    I’m here in Germany, the elder sister of Melchor Apur. I had
    scanned all your activities and made me a lot of fun to see it. Keep going and enjoy the blessed life. I pray for all the
    good works and successful business that you have.


    Agnes Puhl

  14. rehema be it indian or african she is tanzanian n going to miss world representing our country shows how much she cares about tanzania which is her country as well stop being racial get a life n grow up its people like you who holdin tanzania behind there are so many indians who have mixed with us

  15. We Tanzanians are very back, whats in being a Miss Tz an asian? Now look at America the president is black, sasa mbona hatukasiriki? Sisi tuko kwenye discrimination tu.

  16. She also won miss India Tanzania 2010…preety girl

  17. Richa Adhia is a Tanzanian just like anybody else who is a Tanzanian.

    I am a black Tanzanian and I am very proud of her for representing our rainbow nation.

    Tanzania is one of the very few countries not only in Africa but in the entire world where racism and tribalism are not major problems; and they have never been.

    Remarks by some people saying she is not a Tanzanian like the rest of us are unacceptable in a multiracial society like ours.

    I even look forward to the day when we are going to have a president of Asian, Arab or European origin.

    The late Amir H. Jamal was one of the best presidents Tanzania never had even though he never ran for president. And he was a true patriot. I knew him. Had he sought the presidency, I definitely would have campaigned for him and I would have voted for him.

    Acheni ubaguzi – stop discrimination.

    Remember what Mwalimu Nyerere taught us about tolerance and accepting fellow human beings as our brothers and sisters and as fellow Africans and as Tanzanians if they are citizens of Tanzania.

    He said blacks who discriminate against non-blacks are like Hitler. Read those remarks which he made in Parliament in October 1960 not long before we won independence when members of parliament were debating the citizenship bill.

    Tanzania is NOT Kenya, a country so riddled with tribalism and racism that I would have been ashamed to say I am a Kenyan had I been a citizen of that country.

    It’s a shame that even some young people in Tanzania today harbour and express racist views no different from what white racists in South Africa used to say about black people. They are just as wicked and evil. Thank God they are a minority, a very small minority.

    There is no room for racism in Tanzania. Why do you think Tanzanians of Asian origin are safe in Tanzania if there was racism in this country as in Kenya?

    Just remember when many Kenyans of Asian origin fled to Tanzania during the ethnic clashes in Kenya after Mwai Kibaki stole the election, plunging the country into chaos. They feared for their lives and I didn’t blame them. I was proud our country welcomed them with open arms and I wish all had stayed and became Tanzanians.

    Stop this racist nonsense.

    Richa Adhia is our child, our sister and our fellow Tanzanian.

    You can even send me a private email and I will tell you exactly who and what I am. I will even talk to you on the phone.

    Mungu Ibariki Tanzania – God Bless Tanzania.

  18. hi how ru i want ur phone number please richa adhia

  19. I lover richa’s toes.

  20. she is beauty and Tanzanian because she have birth certificate.

  21. rehema ur a racist and should go to hell as TANZANIA is not and will never be urs…we have no space for illiterates like u!!!! kdlbm300 same applies to u….. ppl like ull are set backs for Tanzanias development!!!

    plus rehema id like to see ur big flat nose :) wonder if it will impress them judges!

  22. lolzzzzz puri she dosent need makeup to look great..unlike u..are u jealous ur not in her place?? ha ha ha


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