No-Sweat ways to cheat fat

May 30th, 2006

You don’t have to swear off your favourite food and exercise like a maniac to look like a model. Just follow secret fat busters:

[1] Ice, ice baby
By now, we all know the benefits of guzzling gallons of water. But the icing on the glass is that you can benefit some more by throwing in a few cubes. When you drink iced water, your body needs to use over 40 calories just to bring the water to room temperature in order to absorb water into the system, thereby forcing your system to burn, baby, burn.

[2] Breathe in, breathe out
This may sound too good to be true, but oxygen can help you slim down. Concentrate and take a deep breath; suck the air in till you feel it way down in your stomach, not just your chest. When your breathe in, try to exhale longer than you inhale. This eliminates toxins that will otherwise be stored as fat.

[3] Switch meals around
If you find yourself succumbing to your sweet tooth after dinner every night — when you’re least likely to indulge in physical activity to burn it — turn back the clock. Have your dessert after breakfast. Not only will the sugar kick help you at work, you will also burn it off more efficiently since your body is in high metabolism mode. Likewise, avoid high-carb foods such as pizza and rice at dinner; such indulgences in the morning are a lesser evil.

[4] Wake and smell the…
Research suggests that certain smells can trick the brain into believing that the stomach is full. Among these aromas are that of coffee (especially flavoured), peppermint and green apple. Awareness about aromatic pleasures of food only heightens any gastronomic experience.

[5] Warm food, cold nights
Hot food is more satisfying that its refrigerated counterparts. Warm bread feels oven-fresh, and even eliminates the need for butter. Steamed vegetables are more feel-good when compared to a cold salad. Follow the exact opposite philosophy at night: The colder your room, the more heat your body requires, thereby utilising more calories to provide it.

[6] Replace chocolate with… perfume!
Kill cravings for sinfully gooey, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate by taking in a whiff of a strong perfume. If you don’t want to lug a bottle of scent along, a perfumed handkerchief is good enough. Just pull that hanky out when you pass a restaurant or a roadside food stall.

[7] Eat more, lose weight
Instead of stuffing your face at two to three major meals, eating about six smaller, well-balanced meals makes sense. I also recommend in-between snacks like a handful of peanuts or a salad.

[8] Live a dog’s life
Don’t forget to celebrate when you have lost even a little weight. I make it a point to attend doggie parties; I end up running more than the dogs and work out without even thinking about it!

[9] Don’t pass the salt, sugar
Avoid sprinkling salt on food, and sugar on your cereal. Excessive salt leads to water retention, and everyone knows how high calorie sugar is. Try not to eat while
chatting with friends.

[10] Bai ko bye bye
Sack your maidservant; you probably crib about her inefficiency anyway. This gives you double the benefit: a sparkling, clean home and a toned body.

[11] Downsizing helps
The bigger the caramel popcorn serving or ice cream tub, the cheaper it gets. If this is how you think, it’s time you introduced your waistline to some economising. Make it a point to ask for the smallest: a small-sized single-scoop ice cream cone, a tiny bag of calorie-laden chips… If you can’t deprive yourself of junk food altogether, at least try to sin in smaller measures.

[12] Sit up straight
Being sloppy equals burning fewer calories. You will burn at least 10% more calories if you choose to sit up straight rather than recline. And keep that spine erect while standing and walking instead of slouching.

[13] Candlelight pleasure
This isn’t just for romantic pleasure. Dim lights help reduce appetite. On the contrary, bright lighting acts as a stimulant, thereby making you overeat.

[14] Spice it up
Even if you’ve forced yourself to switch to low-fat food, it doesn’t necessarily translate into tasteless chow. A liberal sprinkling of your favourite spice — be it chilli, pepper or clove — will not only make the dish in question more tempting, it will also rev up your metabolism and help you burn calories at a faster pace.

[15] Banish the straw
Drinking from a straw and chewing gum incessantly only send air directly to your stomach and make you feel and look bloated. Stop being an airhead.

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