Microsoft Bra designed to stop women from comfort eating

November 30th, 2013

Some women tend to eat more when they are depressed or alone. The reasons for overeating are tangled in physiological responses. Many people reach for calorically dense foods, like donuts, when stressed.

The software company Microsoft has come up with their new prototype bra which predicts when the wearer is likely to comfort eat and warns against it. The high tech bra features sensors in the cup pockets and side panels that detect changes in heart rate, skin temperature and stress levels.

All this data is then streamed via a Bluetooth to a smartphone app providing real time “mood triggered eating” alerts.

Lead researcher and cognitive psychologist, Mary Czerwinski, says the garment will make people aware of their ‘maladaptive behaviours’ so they can replace them with ‘adaptive ones.’

Microsoft’s bra was tested by a group of four volunteers over a four-day period. The only set back is that the batteries need to be recharged every three to four hours. Microsoft is so happy with the positive results of bra that they are planning ‘sensor bracelets’ for men to stop them from emotional over eating too.

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