Mesh Fabric Bra Implants

February 5th, 2010

Breform – Wear a bra under your skin!!


It’s a well known fact that 90% of the women are never happy with their body especially the way there breasts changes with the age. No more worries!! Here’s some uplifting news for those who hate the way their breasts look but don’t want traditional implants. Doctors have developed a new surgical technique that acts like a support bra that you wear under your skin. The Internal Bra System is a breast-lift operation that places a mesh-like material called Breform inside the breast to support the new shape. It restores breasts to their natural youthful shape, without the necessity of silicone or saline implants.

Surgeons insert the cone-shaped polyester mesh underneath the skin of the breast and attach it with stitches to the fascia, a layer of fat above the breast tissue, under a general anaesthetic. Once it is fitted, over time the mesh gets incorporated into the breast, as the body produces a fibrous tissue that holds the structure in place – like a permanent bra under the skin.

This innovative procedure provides instant, long term results, enhancing the appearance and increasing the confidence of the medium to larger breasted woman.The big advantage in this technique is that scars are the same as in a traditional reduction and lift, but they don’t have the pressure of holding the breast up, as the internal mesh is doing it.

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  1. This is an interesting procedure. It is applicable to a much smaller portion of women looking for breast augmentation to uplift their bust line.


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