Gitanjali Nagpal, Robert Stuempfl and Arthur – A Family

September 9th, 2007

Today I was very busy preparing and convincing Robert Stuempfl for an interview with news channels. I nearly spent my whole day replying emails and talking to the news channels and people who wanted to know more about Robert and were in a condition to help him.

During my chat with Robert I got some more information about Geetanjali. Not much but yeah he told me that Arthur (their son) was born in Nepal where he was working on Safe drinking water development Project. He had to leave Nepal when Maoist rebels attacked Kathmandu. He decided to go back to Germany with his family (son and Geetanjali) especially for the safety of his son Arthur but Geetanjali couldn’t go with him because of some issues with her passport, so they decided that Geetanjali will join them later on after sorting her passport (visa) problems. But due to some unknown reason she couldn’t join them and after a while he lost contact with her.

Well! Rest is history, he said that he tried his level best to be in touch with Geetanjali via mails and also used to send photographs of him and son Arthur to them, but it was his bad luck that he never received any reply back and eventually lost contact.

Before coming to Nepal, Robert Stuempfl had a long stay of around 10 years in Pune. He said that he liked the country (India) very much.

He is still single and waiting for Geetanjali from last 4 years. I think he is a gentleman, waiting for her and taking care of his son alone. He has also sent me some photographs of Geetanjali during her time in fashion world.


More Photos on Photogallery of Indiatimes

I have provided the contact details of Delhi Commission of Women’s welfare and  Vimhans Hospital to Robert and also the phone number of Dr. Jitendra Nagpal who is treating Geetanjali. Robert has written an email to the German Embassy in Delhi asking for help on this matter. He is waiting for the reply and will very soon contact DCW(Delhi Commission of Women’s welfare) and Vimhans Hospital.

Let us wish him a good luck and hope for the best.

I am thankful to all the people who have shown interest in the welfare of Geetanjali Nagpal.

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  1. Congrats for great work

  2. its nice you have made this effort – as nobody really stepped forward to do anything or even help this ex-fashion model until the TV news channels picked up her story. but – everyone thinks the best way forward is for her to reunite with her husband. Did anyone bother to ask whether she wants to be re-united with her family or husband ? Maybe they are what caused her to reach the state she is in ?

  3. A lot of marriages do fail or go through turmoil situation because of VISA formalities, I know its a different issue but it is the main issue here. Germany is known for its strict spouse visa rules and that is the starting point of how she couldn’t join him when he embarked his journey way back home and then things start getting into a troublesome path once you are in a long distance relationship.

    Do hope every thing goes well with this couple and if she really wants to get back with her husband and child, let the thing happen sooner than later.

  4. I have serious doubt about the authenticity of the story told by this German guy. It is unbelievle that in four years he had only tried to contact his wife through e-mails and never tried to actually go to India to find out her status. Even now he is not talking to the doctors and DCW but simply waiting to receive reply from German embassy. There is much untold portion in this story. Anyway the real story will come out once Gitanjali become well and regain her memory.

  5. Mani Mohan Paul:

    You should know that there are so many people within India who have not travelled from south to north of India, reason – money problems and they don’t have anybody to support them. Here we are talking about a man from Germany, you think it is very easy for a man with a young child to travel from Germany to India. Nobody knows his problems. I think before we make decisions about him, we should leave everything on Geetanjali, and let her decide if she wants Robert back or not. Its between them two.

    May be whatever you have said is right, but I am a positive thinker and never allow negative thoughts crawl over me. I am helping Robert just for the sake of Arthur and Robert knows this.

  6. Great Work….Very Unfortunate.

    Hope it end in happy manner.

  7. Ok, a model has been found in an ill state, identified, sent to hospital to be taken care of and news posted on news papers and blogs to find relatives and more information. Very good job done. But I don’t understand why is this given so much publicity and TOI and other papers running flash news on the subject. I don’t remember Gitanjali as a famous social worker, leader or any other person of great national interest except for a modelling career. This web site claims that her husband is found in Germany and reported to be writing emails to embassy and others to help. Does anyone think that, just because your spouse does not get a visa, you will lose touch with her for years and totally the relationship is lost? Ok agreed that Germany has crazy rules on visa granting. But once the couple decides to relocate, everything in detail should have been taken care and first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is Visa. If she couldn’t get a visa within a reasonable time, he should have come back to India to get her with him if he had real intentions of living together with his wife. Of course there are lots of untold or hidden stories in their life. But I am not bothered except for the issue that there is no need of this kind of publicity in someone’s private life and it is not a social problem.

  8. Sheetal,
    I dont know about your background or how much you are aware about the financial position of common population in Europe. But being a NRI living in Netherlands for long, I can tell you, do not compare financial condition of Indian common men to their counterpart in Europe. I have seen here, even new paper vendors distribute papers in the morning coming in a car as big as Honda city. Any person will always hide his fault when tells his story in such marital matters. I will be happy it is not true in the present case. Everybody wants that Gitanjali should return to normal life as soon as possible.

  9. I do agree with jen in his/ her views about the whole issue on gitanjali. Is it just because she is a model that we all are talking about her and going gung-ho about her. what about others who don’t have such background like her and dont have ‘modelling figure’ like her.
    Don’t we see on roads many like her, neglected and dying on city roads without any consideration from media or government agecies .
    its high time we start doing introspection of our ownself and issues been raised by media at large…

  10. What people like Jey should learn to appreciate that not everyone lives a life of comfortable ordinariness as his. He has no right to grudge this story getting the prominence it has as it brings to light a very important face of countries like Germany.

    I know of a case where a German girl is being hounded by German nation for wanting to marry an Indian. For last 4 years she has not been able even travel out of Europe. Tools involving use of judiciary, police and even organised criminals have been used by people in high places to stop the two from meeting. In today’s world when you can stop a person without any legal or moral reason to marry someone from a different race because of right-wing lunacy just because she has no family (They died or were murdered between 2001 and 2004). If she had access to free-speech and media like TOI which generates more support and outrage She would not be in the deplorable condition. I have great respect for net and media which ones in a while picks up such stories which make us sit up and stare at some things that can go wrong and if fora as these help people in the smallest way I don’t see why not. If one is blessed with on ordinariness they should not attempt to judge the impact such things bring to the lives of someone who is a victim of extraordinariness. Geeanjali is lucky to find Sheetal and / or TOI. Knowing someone else who could have used such help and lives in daily hell I would never say that too much is being made out of nothing. Never.

  11. Having lived for extended periods in Europe (incl Germany) and US I think your benchmark for affluence and standards of living are erroneous. Car is more of a necessity than a status symbol. If one would be aware of racial and right-wing pressure in Germany I would more than appreciate Geetanjali’s husband (I would not use alleged or any other qualifier as It is more than evident) coming out and reaching out. He stands to gain little by taking on an unstable wife and rocking his life as it is going today other than maybe a chance to put together what was squandered away by forces beyond his control- namely inappropriate rules of visa designed for specific purposes, a wife in a different land falling into and abyss of drug-abuse and uncooperative in-laws. The loss of contact is clearly understandable.

    Another point I would like to react to is people saying we are doing this only because of an ex-model. If yes, then so be it. Just because a million injustices go unreported or un-remedied or we are a nation who watches with glee as voyeur cameras capture myriad tales of unfairness (a surrendering convict shot by police on camera, a petty thief dragged on streets by a police officer with cheering crowds et al.) I would not grudge what is happening in media or this weblog. If all this changes one person’s or family’s life better its worth it. If it brings in its wake introspection, government action, change and awakening all the better. Even this story has things we can take away- Fragility of fame, insensitivity of governments and systems, effects of drugs and not the least the effect of accessibility of free communication with world-wide impact available to ordinary people like Sheetal which has life changing potential.

  12. To KPap,

    You got me all wrong buddy. I am not saying there is wrong in the effort. But I am blaming news papers which make flashy stories on their headlines about a private life which is not completely known to anyone.
    Also I am not convinced with the effort the German has put to find his missing wife at the first glance.
    If the news papers found a common root cause for such happennings and attack them, I would have been happier. Say for example, if crazy German immigration laws is the root cause, news papers can protest against it. But I see other problems. Not all people who leave their spouses behind due to visa issues lose track of them and find their spouses begging. There are lots that could have been done between these two situations. If news papers flashed this news in an effort to find her relatives as a social service, it is ok with me. But making a flash news of her on a daily basis with half baked stories irritates me as I don’t see any value in it.

  13. hello to everyone,

    thank you so much for all the help and guidence. Many people ask me to give one email a/c, so i give one here to write, i will write back to put maybe some of the question out of your mind, but please respect as well our privacy and special the one of GITANJALI. I do my best i can to help Gitanjali the way you can if you are 10000 km apart.
    Myself keep quite now to media and the press, till Gitanjali is willing to make a statement on her self, i found her! that what matterd to me and not all of the publicity.
    Thank you so much for what you have done till now and God bless India.
    In the END Gitanjali has to make her own desicions!!!!!!
    love, light and freedom


    you can write to:

  14. Hey Jey,

    Maybe my words came out too strong. I now understand what you mean and I agree that things should not be made garish. But, the again, the dilemma a news paper or channel would face is when and exactly how much is too much. What i see in TOI on this matter seems to be decent enough. Also, there are inevitable spin-offs of any such case like how is modeling world and stuff. But sadly, as you point out, these cases almost never generate good spin-offs like bringing out the callousness or changes in way some systems work, etc. The side-show is almost always on the glamorous side. The news paper would always want to take the maximum juice out of any story and that is what it is for them in the end- just another story. I only hope in the end it comes out with more good than bad.
    About the wife going missing and loosing track I think if you have an unstable woman who is impressionable coupled with dependence on psychotropic substances it is not so difficult to loose a person if no one around HER is interested in her welfare and is among people who only know how to exploit. All said and done i do appreciate your point-of-view and agree that good comes out of this affair and a human tragedy does not degenerate into a road-show.

  15. Let’s just applaud Sheetal for her tremendous initiative when most of us would just want to look the other way, citing ‘not my problem’. Being an ex-model helped to raise media interest – thank you, media – in Gitu, and Sheetal selflessly did what she could.
    What we must recognize is that all of us are fallible. Circumstances vary. Let’s steer clear of judging her for what she did or did not do and the associated negative spin. The key thing is to help Gitu and others like her to rehab back into society going forward.
    Are folks willing to take Sheetal’s noble initiative forward.
    And, thank you once again, Sheetal. We’re proud of you!

  16. here is a new news story from gitanjali with some picture from the past she was an angel for me. love light and freedom…,voteid-2361148.cms

  17. Is this Sheetal genuine? Internet has become a dirty place of bluffing people with false gender and articles. This is particularly true for the Indians who thinks they are brainier and have right to fool anybody through false gender, story etc. I have doubt about the authenticity of this site and the owner. You can imagine the extent of publicity this blog got because of the story it published about Gitanjali’s husband. But what was on display, no marriage certificate or birth certificate of Arther (although the owner claimed that she has those). Only some photographs of a man with a kid who looks like Gitanjali. But in the age of photo-shop software, is it very difficult to create a photo of a kid with a man. Other old photos of Gitanjali are all available in the net from her modeling days. Only because of this much, people are queuing up here to write comments and fight with each other. Very funny isn’t it. I am sure the owner has no guts to publish this comments.

  18. Kpap,

    The person who has no guts to write his full name cannot be genuine. So I assume your claim to have lived in Europe is also false information. Otherwise you cannot write that having a car in Europe is necessity. Europe has the most extensive and nice public transport network of trains, tram, buses, metros and Randtrains (slow trains) for their citizens. You need not have the car to reach any place. In fact people use a lot of bicycle for transport. Those people have car really can afford it as gasoline is most expensive in Europe among world. Don’t try to fool people with wrong claims and name. If you have guts and information write directly. But your type of people likes to make false claim to make impression. You might not have even once traveled outside India,

  19. Sheetal,

    Since you chose to delete my comments, I am forwarding my complaints about your blog to CBI (special cell for cyber crime) to underatke investigation about the real identity of you and to see whether any terrorist activity is involved or not in this blog. So this is just a caution.

  20. this is sheetal 100% she is my aunty and i see her often.. i am sure what she is saying is true because i have seen proof my self and i know her for very long time now.. so plezz shut up with ur nonsence.. and good luck with your complaints to CBI! because your not going to get anything out of it but make a fool out of ur self.. once again sheetal well done 🙂 keep it up.. dont let stupid people like this get inbetween your life xx

  21. It is strange to hear about Visa rules coming inbetween a relationship, I also doubt the German Guy, being a German National it should have been easy for him to get his legally married wife to Germany, if the marriage certificate and other documents are thier, nobody can stop him from getting his wife to Germany.I mean we Indians noweverdays go all around the world in search of jobs, once we get to the foriegn country, we process our wives visas and get them to any foreign country quite easily, I have lived in Germany for long as a Indian National, and there are so many Indian nationals working in Germany noweverdays all of them with thier families and having good gala time. I wonder why this particular German National could manage get Geetu’s Visa, there may be other reasons for her to go the way she is, Yes at first it should be left to her and hope she gain’s strength to face life’s travials head on. Chake de Geetu

  22. This for people like Viram. People who are so out of touch with reality. What such people don’t realise is that Germany is an extremely right-wing and Nazi nation. People there like to project and believe otherwise but any outsider who has lived and traveled in Germany knows that the feeling is like a stranger in Moscow.

    They should try and live there and then understand before making sweeping statements. After this story recently,1518,500879,00.html the mayor of the town actually said that mobs beating up Indian on streets in broad daylight was a display of German nationalism and people should not grudge it. What is shameful is Germans never take up such cases except for token display. I have seen German bars and pubs turning away oriental and other Asian guests citing their “past” rowdiness when it was their first visit to the city. German’s distinct lack of courtesy and rudeness comes in very handy in such occasions. They don’t even try to hide their hatred and disgust at such encounters. This is also seen in the way German employers or consulates work outside Germany. The deep distrust and hatred that exist on racial grounds is more palpable that in Germany. I have already alluded to one incident and will re-state and a classic example of such cases. The German Government mechanisms work overtime to further Nazi causes. No major nation on world would be more riddled with secret societies that have a deep influence the control actions and policies like Germany. A German woman has been stopped from marrying a non-white using all sorts of legal and procedural barriers. Its been four years now and Its still nowhere close to end. The government has gone so far as cover-up 3 murder attempts on the woman. They have used all official influence to prevent her travel to her would-be husband. What is a crying shame is the countries like Austria and UK are helping Germany in this racist pursuit. If anyone says it is easy for anyone to arrange a Visa for his wife or travel to a person they love they don’t know Germans and Germany. Even today as we talk UK government is dilly-dallying on this woman’s request to travel to safety based on everyday feed from Germany to not let her do so. Her desire to marry a non-German is now taken up by the German establishment as a personal affront and challenge to their unwritten policy statement over racism. What is tragic is that “gentlemanly” governments like U.K.” is playing into German hands because it is now a question of now relative German right over British righteousness but a matter of white versus non-white and their alignment is clearly visible.

    Anyone in future trying to question the difficulty of such marriages seeming fantastically unreal should get educated in the realities of race politics in the countries like Germany and UK.

    As for people like Mahrup I can only say for people like you ignorance is indeed bliss. In an issue like this “authenticity” of the Sheetal is not relevant. If one lacks the basic intellectual faculty to analyse data from diverse sources. The statements in mainstream newspapers from so many established people in fashion community, the circumstances and their plausibility they can just keep their ignorance securely hidden and not unabashedly put it on public display. We can only be thankful for a democratic medium like internet which allows equal opportunity (even to ignoramuses like Mahrup) and gives people across the world access to be part of and even influence how things work in this world.

  23. For idiots like Mahrup it does them no good to blatantly flaunt their lack of education and brains when they say things like forwarding complaints to CBI (:-D). Really, do they think a blog is even in the preview of Indian laws?!!! I think such people are best left to sit in their remote villages and suck their thumbs, but, again that would difficult given the two feet already in there.
    Good for such people that thanks to their light-headedness one gets the occasional light moment once in while in these serious issues. Thanks Sheetal for screening and making and keeping this discussion solemn and relevant one not weighed-down by trash dished put by attention-grabbing-at-all-costs fools.

  24. Hi there, please be gentle and peaceful, everybody has his own view but respect eachother. I thank Sheetal for this great Blog and the work she is doing for everybody, THANK YOU!
    Love, Light and Freedom

  25. I am sure gentle and peaceful would be good in normal conditions. As Gandhi said to tolerate injustice is the worst form of injustice. Likewise peace in face of unfairness is what creates societies that will breed injustice. One should be right and fair but not an eunuch. I trust Sheetal’s good judgement to retain and moderate this dicussion so that is remains useful and focused, but, also truthful and socially relevant.

  26. Mani Mohan Paul/Mahrup and Kpap:

    I am not going to approve any more comments from you. I think we should all try and help Gitanjali and Robert, and not fight for why they separated. As I said before lets wait for Gitanjali’s side of story.

    Till then Peace!!!

  27. Great work done by Sheetal no doubt, but for a fact that some of you are bickering about having lived in Europe and descibing facts about owning cars etc is crazy….

    The point is common men (regular labourers)in first world countries have the access to facilities, CEO’s in India would have access to…. at the end of the day…….countries like Germany…..will go out of the way to protect the rights of their citizens, no two wayz about it………. if the german gentleman did indeed want Geetanjali back in his life, he could have done it without a hitch……a long time ago……and that’s if she wanted to go with him.

    I’ve lived in Europe for long and know about immigration laws, in and out. Here’s one point you guys need to know:

    For a fact Geetanjali is a legal parent of a half German child……she has a right to stay in Germany and that goes even if she has a criminal record in Germany…..and by no means can she be denied the right to stay in Germany.

    Hence, get it straight guys……either this guy is a scammer…… or a genuine guy who met and probably lived with Geetanjali during her hay days ……dumped her due to reasons best known to both of them & now wants to get back to her. Probably that’s why he’s going through the embassy.

    I just hope that at the end of the day, she gets well and people like Sheetal come forward to rescue others like Geetanjali who might not be ex-celebrities……

  28. hi.. i ve been reading about gitanjali and started feeling like her mother.. i too have daughters and they need care and love always.. its unfortunate that gitanjali’s family is not kind enough to make her recover from the trauma.. whatever mistakes chidren do.. its our duty to forgive them and show the right path to them.. please convey gitanjali that there is a bright future ahead for her if she takes thing possitively.. we all love her very very much…

    love.. hemamalini

  29. Hi sheetal,

    So, where is geethanjali now? Is she still in the hospital ?
    Can you please update on what happened to her. God bless you in your effort of reuniting geethajali and her husband.

  30. HemaMalini: Thank you so much for showing concerns about Gitanjali. Yeah, she definitely needs love and attention.

    Hema: I did everything that I could. Now it’s up to Robert to take a step forward and as far I know he is trying his best. As soon I get any more information about her, I’ll definitely let everybody know.

  31. God Bless You, Sheetal. Our prayers are with Geetanjali.

    I hope she gets back her memory soon. She does not need all this negative spotlight, it is enough to drive anyone crazy from worse to worst.

    If all this is true, and she truly is married and has a son, May the Lord unite them all. Whatever her past, whatever the society says, she has the right to her life.

    Who are we to decide for her as to whther she should join her family or her husband. And from what I can see, her mother and sister aren’t much of a help.

    May God protect her. She has been through enough for one lifetime.

    We all hope to see her recover soon.

    Regards and Best Wishes.

  32. Please update about her current situation!

  33. robert schreib mir ne Karte.
    dein chris

  34. Hi Sheetal/Robert

    Can anyone tell us whats happened to Gitanjali now? WHere is she now? Is she united with her family?

  35. Robert ich habe deine Tel.- nicht mehr bitte mail.
    dein bruder


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